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Battlefield 5's planned 5v5 competitive mode has been cancelled

EA and DICE plan to "focus on improving the quality of the experience" for all Battlefield 5 players.

New Battlefield V Maps and Region Revealed at E3 2019

As part of the E3 2019 EA Play event, Dice and EA let the world in on a ton of upcoming content for Battlefield V.

How to Watch EA Play 2019 - Live Stream Schedule

We have the EA Play 2019 live stream schedule covered in order to make sure you do not miss any of the new announcements!

Apex Legends Is Down - EA Server Issues Across The Board

Right now, players from all over the globe are reporting to have connection issues with almost every single online EA Games title, including Apex Legends.

Dr DisRespect Calls BFV Devs Idiots for Firestorm Looting System

During a recent Twitch stream, Dr DisRespect let his feeling about the Battlefield V (BFV) Firestorm battle royale looting system be known very clearly in a fit of rage.

TSM Myth Calls Out 'Basic' Shooters Mechanics in Battle Royales

Using the twitter trend 'unpopular opinion battle royale edition', TSM's Fortnite player Myth says "no one gives a F*** about basic shooter battle royales," and it's hard to disagree.

Battlefield V Firestorm Map is 10x Bigger Than Previous BF Maps

Battle Royale maps are one of the most important parts of the experience and the Battlefield V: Firestorm map is 10-times the size of the current largest Battlefield map.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale Release Date is Soon

When does the Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale come out? The release date for the Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale game mode was revealed on March 14th.

Top Twitch Games Of November

With a ton of new releases all arriving in the last few weeks, Streamlabs has compiled which ones managed to become the top streaming titles online.

How to Earn Company Coins in Battlefield 5

Company coins are the currency of Battlefield V, and we have all of the ways you can earn company coins in Battlefield 5 covered for you.

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Firestorm Delayed Until March 2019

EA announced Tides of War roadmap, holding off on Battlefield V's battle royale mode until much later. Is this a smart decision or catastrophic for the upcoming FPS title?

Will Call of Duty's Blackout and Battlefield 5 Crush PUBG on Console?

With the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout beta getting positive impressions and Battlefield V offering a similar BR experience, will PUBG be able to go toe-to-toe with the big dogs on Xbox One and PS4?

Casey Neistat Showcases New 368 Gaming Space with TSM Myth, TBNRFrags and Typical Gamer

Looking to expand into the gaming sphere, Casey Neistat partnered up with several big streamers and EA to highlight Battlefield 5 and the 368 Gaming Space.

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Named Firestorm, Featuring 64 Players

It would appear that Battlefield V is gearing up to join the growing number of battle royale games. In a new video, they announced Firestorm as a 64-player, battle royale-style mode.

How To Play Battlefield 5 Open Beta

EA has given us a ton of new information on what we can expect to play with during the Battlefield 5 Open Beta, with weapons, maps, and more.

Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Could Possibly Be Free-to-Play

A new leak has suggested that the Battlefield V battle royale game mode could possibly be free-to-play for players if certain circumstances occur.

Battlefield V Open Beta Release Date and NVIDIA Integration Announced

The official release date for the Battlefield V open beta and integration with new NVIDIA graphical technology have been announced.

World War 3 Comes To Gamescom (And It's Not The End Of The World)

Gamescom is this week, which is likely to unveil tons of new games during the event. New FPS World War 3 may look like COD, but it packs some unique features under the hood.

Battlefield 5 Rotterdam Trailer Shows Off Wall of Fire for Battle Royale Mode

A new trailer for Battlefield 5 has been released ahead of Gamescom, and it shows off what looks to be a wall of fire that will act as the storm for the Battlefield 5 battle royale mode.

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale: What We Know and What We Want

The Battlefield franchise will be making the leap into the Battle Royale genre with the next installment of the series, but what exactly can we expect when it arrives?

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