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ESL Reveals Self-Elimination Rule For Future IEM CSGO Events to Immediate Backlash

It's a new week, which means new rules, and the latest changes announced by the ESL has the community buzzing regarding future Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events.

Team Liquid Win ESL One Cologne 2019 and Cement Grand Slam

Team Liquid's Counter-Strike team are the best in the world, maybe even the greatest in modern Counter-Strike history.

Team Liquid Cements #1 Spot With Victory Over Astralis

Collecting an impressive victory over Astralis at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals, Team Liquid showed once again why it deserves the title of best CS:GO team in the world.

Rainbow Six US Nationals Returns for Season 2 on April 6th

After a hearty and successful first outing last year, Ubisoft's Rainbow Six US Nationals series is coming back, and it is starting very soon.

ESL & Intel Extend Partnership To Invest $100 Million In Esports

The ESL and Intel have been partnered for sometime, but business between the two took a historic turn as the companies cooperate to invest $100 million into esports for the largest brand and tech partnership in competitive gaming history.

Xyp9x Pulls Off Incredible CS:GO Ninja Defuse At IEM Chicago

Astralis player Xyp9x was left in a 1v5 situation against North so he resorted to unconventional measures to win the round.

E3 2018 ESL Arena to Host Arena of Valor NA Valor Series Playoffs

Tencent Games will be making its E3 debut this year with its North American Valor Series Playoffs for its mobile MOBA title Arena of Valor at the E3 2018 ESL Arena.

E3 Esports – Fortnite Pro Am, Smash Bros Invitational Tournament, & More

E3 2018 is set to be one of the most competitive of the year for competitive gaming. With events popping up left and right from Nintendo, Epic Games, ESL, and more. Want to know what's planned so far? Check it out here.

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