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DrLupo Aims to Set New Charity World Record For Upcoming Stream Event

DrLupo raised nearly 1 million dollars for St. Jude during the TwitchCon 2019 charity event and it looks like he's looking to go even bigger for a new world record with the series finale coming later this month.

DisguisedToast Ditches Twitch for Facebook Gaming

More and more streamers are jumping the Twitch train, the latest being Jeremy 'DisguisedToast' Wang with a swap over to the Facebook Gaming side.

PewDiePie Reveals His New Pixelings Mobile RPG

YouTube sensation PewDiePie has another new project in the works, this time with the newly revealed mobile game Pixelings.

Team Liquid and Marvel Collaborate on New Merch

In what will surely be billed as the most ambitious crossover event in history (again), Marvel and Team Liquid have teamed up to make a line of MCU/Team Liquid merchandise.

Fissure Confirms 2-2-2 Lock Coming To Overwatch League Stage Four

The recently retired main tank claims that the controversial meta-breaker will be implemented in July. We explain 2-2-2, and what you should expect to see in the coming months.

Seoul Dynasty's Fissure Confirms Retirement From Overwatch League

Fissure - the Overwatch League's most handsome, best main tank - is retiring from Seoul Dynasty, joining a growing list of great players that have stepped back from the competitive scene.

Overwatch League MVP 2019 - How and When To Vote

The most prestigious award in the Overwatch League will be awarded in a few short months. Find out how you can help your favorite player take home the 2019 OWL MVP trophy (and potentially get a custom skin).

FCTFCTN Speaks On LA Valiant Victory Over the Vancouver Titans

"We made them play our game." - Los Angeles Valiant's Main Tank talks about the strategy that ended the greatest winning streak in the Overwatch League and how he predicted the result.

Overwatch League Announces JJoNak 2018 MVP Skin

New York Excelsior's DPS-dealing support will be receiving their own octopus-inspired Zenyatta skin in the near future. Check out the video of the reveal, JJoNak's reaction, fan concepts, and more!

An Ode to The Toads: TG's Champions of Battletoads

On Sunday, Microsoft revealed at E3 that the fan-favorite retro beat 'em up Battletoads was returning in 2019. We wax nostalgic and show off a few TG record holders who definitely have Battletoads on lock-down.

Alternate Jerseys Teased by Overwatch League

We give our impressions on the new jersey teases from Overwatch League. Check out what your favorite player may be wearing when the League returns this week!

More High-Level Staff Rumored to Leave Blizzard-Activision Soon

According to a recent report, many top-tier employees from Activision-Blizzard will be leaving in the next few weeks, including Kim Phan, Global Product Director of Blizzard Esports.

How to Get Your Hands on Overwatch League Team Skins for Free

How you can get your hands on the shiniest Overwatch League team skins without having to empty your wallet. Plus, we reveal which teams are currently in the lead for the "Skins in the Game" Event!

Super Leaks Overwatch League's Next Map Pool on Stream

"This map's dog sh@#," says the San Francisco Shock's Main Tank. Super goes on to reveal that the controversial map will be in the upcoming map pool, before realizing it's not public information.

O2 Blast and Element Mystic Meet (Again) in the Pacific ShowDown Grand Finals

Facing off for the third time in quick succession, Element Mystic and O2 Blast clash (again) in the Overwatch Contenders Pacific Showdown. We share the results and break down the maps.

How the Overwatch League All-Stars Event Could Have Sparkled

Giving proper time to consider, we analyze the main event of the Overwatch League's All-Star Week, and consider what worked, what didn't, and things Blizzard should change to make sure that next year's event truly pops.

Overwatch Contenders Pits a Prodigy Versus a King

Kaiser from O2 Blast and Quatz from Order face off in an early Main-Tank Matchup during Overwatch Contenders Pacific Showdown. Empowered by their team, only one is able to continue holding the crown.

The Best Non-Overwatch League Overwatch You Can Watch This Weekend

When the Overwatch League is on hiatus. However, teams from Overwatch Contenders China, South Korea, Australia, and Asia-Pacific will take the stage this weekend in an amazing Pacific Showdown.

Fan-made Overwatch League Video Hits Us Right in the Feels

Editing together some of the saddest and most emotional moments of the Overwatch League thus far, YouTuber Subutai has created a short video that is more effective at getting your eyes watering than cutting onions.

Everything You Missed from the Overwatch League All-Stars Event

From the Talent Takedown to the All-Stars Game, to an unplanned showdown, we cover everything of note that took place during Overwatch League's second All-Star Event.

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