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'There's A Bright Future for Anthem' says BioWare at E3 2019

After it was leaked that Anthem would not appear during EA Play at E3 2019, KindaFunny's Greg Miller sat down with BioWare's Ben Irving to talk the future of Anthem.

Anthem 1.2.0 Update Released Today - Full Patch Notes Guide

A surprise 1.2.0 update went live for Anthem today, and we have all of the patch notes covered for you.

Anthem 1.1.0 April Update Patch Notes, Release Time Guide

The highly anticipated Anthem 1.1.0 April update patch notes will be here soon, and we have everything you need to know about them covered!

How to Get Elysian Keys in Anthem for Elysian Caches

Not sure how to get Elysian Keys in Anthem in order to unlock the new Elysian Caches? We have everything you need to know in order to get Elysian Keys for those valuable Elysian Caches.

Anthem 1.04 Update Patch Notes and Release Date Guide

The 1.04 update for Anthem will be here very soon, and we have the patch notes and release date for the Anthem 1.04 update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Why Is Anthem Breaking PS4s?

A new dastardly bug on the PlayStation 4 version of Anthem may crash the console, or worse, brick it completely. Here's what to know.

Anthem Developer Unveils Loot Update on Reddit

Earlier today, a developer on EA and Bioware's Anthem took to the game's subreddit to reveal changes to the game's loot system.

How to Level Up Fast in Anthem

Strongholds are without a doubt the best part of Anthem, EA's new Action RPG. Here's how to get through the game's lower levels quickly and get to the end game content you crave!

What Javelin Should I Pick? Anthem Class Guide

Gamers are again faced with that age old question - who should I pick? Anthem is no different, with a selection of four Javelins to choose from. Here's our guide, identifying which Javelin is best for you.

Anthem Javelin Customization Guide; How to Change Color and Appearance

Looking good is a necessity in any game you play but is especially important in a game like Anthem, where you have this awesome Javelin suit to customize to your liking. Here's how to change your Javelin's appearance and smash your enemies in style.

Anthem World Events Map - How to Find World Events in Anthem

Curious on how to find world events in Anthem? Community members have created a world events map for Anthem that is a perfect tool for players to use.

Anthem DLC Update Schedule - 90 Day Roadmap Guide

The 90 day roadmap detailing the DLC update schedule for Anthem has been released, and we are diving right into it alongside you.

Anthem There Be Giants Guide - Named Titan Locations

Searching for the named titan locations for the newest Anthem There Be Giants event? We have the Anthem named titan There Be Giants event locations covered for you.

Anthem 1.03 4G Update Patch Notes Today - Xbox One, PC, PS4

The new 1.03 4G update patch notes have gone live for Anthem today on Xbox One, PC, and PS4, and we will walk you through all of them.

Anthem - How to Switch Weapons Guide

Curious about how to switch weapons in Anthem? We have all of the information you need to know to switch weapons in Anthem.

Anthem Chest Locations for Trial of Yvenia Guide

Searching for Anthem chest locations in order to complete the Trial of Yvenia for the Tombs of the Legionnaires quest? We have you covered.

How to Get Coins in Anthem - Comprehensive Guide

Alright Uncle Scrooge, here's how to get more Coins in Anthem so you can get all the cool stuff you need.

Getting Weapon Parts in Anthem - Full Guide

Aren't we all hurting for Weapon Parts in Anthem? Here's how to get your hands on some parts and craft the gear you need to smite your enemies!

Anthem Day One Patch Notes Are Now Available to View

The Anthem day one patch notes have been released to the public, and they hope to remedy a variety of issues players have been experiencing.

Anthem Voice Actors Guide - All Voice Actors for Anthem

There are many talented voice actors in Anthem, and we have all of the Anthem voice actors covered for you.

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