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Click Crew Raises a Whopping 318K AUD for Devastating Australian Fire Relief

Australia is in the midst of a devastating fire but many are stepping up for relief efforts including this dedicated band of streamers.

DrLupo Aims to Set New Charity World Record For Upcoming Stream Event

DrLupo raised nearly 1 million dollars for St. Jude during the TwitchCon 2019 charity event and it looks like he's looking to go even bigger for a new world record with the series finale coming later this month.

HyperX and eBay to Host Celebrity Charity Stream for Gamers Outreach

HyperX and eBay are teaming with up with a group of high-profile streamers to help raise money for a truly worthwhile cause.

ZeRo Announces Move to Facebook Gaming from Twitch

The former Super Smash Bros superstar turned high-profile content creator has announced his move to Facebook Gaming.

Popular Streamer Shroud Joins Ninja On Mixer

Popular gaming streamer shroud has announced that he will be streaming exclusively on Microsoft Mixer, joining Ninja as the second high-profile name to move over.

Ninja Leaves Twitch To Stream Exclusively On Mixer

Tyler "Ninja" shook the gaming community today with a major decision to leave Twitch for a contract with Microsoft's streaming service Mixer.

Dr DisRespect Promises More IRL Twitch Streams

Following a successful return to Twitch streaming, Dr DisRespect promised that more IRL streaming is on the way.

Layoffs Hit Microsoft's Internal Original Content Team at Mixer

No official statement has been made by the organization, but employees began celebrating their time and their coworkers on social media today.

How to Watch Summer Games Done Quick 2019

Are you ready to watch some of the greatest speedrunning the world over in support of charity? Here's all you need to know about SGDQ 2019.

Xbox Game Pass is Coming to PC

Today, Microsoft and Xbox teased that the rather successful Xbox Game Pass is coming to PC and it's probably going to be great.

Is DrDisRespect on the Verge of Burning Out?

Today, DrDisRespect's stream can be boiled down into some pretty difficult to watch moments, where the streaming superstar expresses struggles with the current state of Battle Royals games.

Shroud Says He 'Won't be Streaming for a While' Post-Surgery

On Friday, popular Twitch streamer Shroud went into surgery to repair a broken elbow he suffered while riding his scooter without any protective gear. His return to the platform anytime soon is questionable.

Shroud Returns to Stream After Accident

In his first stream back from a lengthy stay in the hospital, Twitch streamer Shroud details what his recovery looks like, and tries his hand at Apex Legends - spoilers; he can still frag.

Overwatch Streamer Fareeha Andersen Has Ban Period Reduced After Community Outrage

While she's still banned for some time, Twitch has significantly reduced the severity of their original punishment after community backlash.

Did Team Fortress 2 YouTuber Sketchek Fake His Own Death?

It looks like the former Pyro main might have some explaining to do, after resurfacing several years after his apparent demise.

Twitch Prime Delivers 6 New Games In February

The subscription service for the streaming site is delivering big this month, with six free games for subscribers.

IRL Streams Continue To Grow While Fortnite Numbers Fall

The latest report from StreamElements reveals what we've been watching in 2018, and how we've been watching it.

Streamlabs Announces Facebook Streaming Integration

Streaming to Facebook just became a whole lot easier, with Streamlabs announcing full OBS integration to the platform.

Nike Is Set To Debut A New Sneaker On Twitch Tomorrow

The brand is teaming up with FaZe Clan streamer Nate Hill for the reveal.

Ninja Reaches 400 Million Views On Twitch

The popular streamer is proving to be unstoppable, breaking in the new year with a new record number of views on Twitch.

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