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Monty's SGDQ 2018 Getting Over It Speedrun Was So Fast He Ran It Twice

During Summer Games Done Quick 2018, the speedrun of Getting Over It by MONTYvsTHEWORLD was a ton of ups and downs due to the nature of this infamously challenging game. We ask Monty what was going through his mind at the time.

SGDQ 2018 Reaches 2 Million for Charity - Highlight Runs From The Event

Summer Games Done Quick hit a new milestone of over 2 million dollars raised for charity. We celebrate the event and take a look at some standout moments from SGDQ 2018.

SGDQ Celeste Race Between TGH and Yoshipro Creates Memorable Highlight

Summer Games Done Quick has a ton of awesome moments, but this Celeste race between TGH and Yoshipro might be one for the ages. SGDQ remains an incredible speedrun event.

RiskyCB the Masterpiece Speedrunner - Iconoclasts and Hollow Knight

We interviewed the phenomenal speedrunner RiskyCB, who sits at the top of many masterpiece Metroidvania games.

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