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PlayStation Crossplay Dev Tools Officially Exit Beta

Sony has been slowly opening the door on crossplay capabilities for PlayStation 4. Crossplay has exited beta and is now available to all developers.

PlayStation E3 2019 Conference Times & Info

Sony PlayStation may have announced that they won't have a traditional press conference or be on the floor for E3 2019, but will they skip out entirely? We're not so sure.

Sony Chairman Kazuo Hirai Has Announced His Retirment

After more than 30 years as a member of the Sony Entertainment family, former CEO, now Chairman Kaz Hirai will retire in June. Will remain as Senior Advisor.

Rumor: PlayStation Network Username Change Option Possibly Coming Soon

Do you have an embarrassing PSN name? Rumor has it that Sony might be adding a way to fix that soon. Let's cross our fingers together.

Sony Hints At Fortnite And Minecraft Crossplay Solution Coming Soon

Sony has received a lot of bad press lately due to their uncooperative nature surrounding crossplay with Fortnite and Minecraft, but they say they're working on a solution.

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