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Ubisoft Wants To Teach Kids About Coding Through Their Infamous Rabbids

Ubisoft's Rabbids Coding takes aim at teaching children important skills in the electronic age, and it's free.

A Ninja Adidas Collab Is Coming Soon

It would appear that Adidas could be joining the list of Ninja sponsors in an upcoming collaboration.

Insert Controller Here Creates Rage Quit Controller That Operates On Salt

The Insert Controller Here channel has our collective number. They made a controller that operates on salt and rage quits games.

The GG Podcast Talks On Esports Organization Evolution & Jace's New Religion

On this week's GG Podcast episode, Rick Fox shares insight on the evolution of esports orgs, Kyle asks everyone to lay off the Pokemon company, and Jace Hall shares his new religion.

Popular YouTuber Etika Found Deceased by NYPD

According to a tweet sent by the New York Police Department, YouTuber Desmond "Etika" Amofah has been found deceased.

FFXIV Director Yoshida Says 'Classic' Server Would Be a 'Nightmare'

In an interview with Easy Allies, Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director burst into laughter before calling the idea of a classic XIV server a "nightmare!"

Keanu, Nakamura, & A Good Boi Have Won E3 2019 More Than The Games

If chatter at E3 2019 around the community is anything to go by, a world-class actor, a passionate director, and a sweet doggo were just as important as the games.

ARK: Survival Evolved Modding Contest Features $35,000 Prize Pool

A brand new contest highlighting the modding community for ARK: Survival Evolved is kicking off, and Studio Wildcard isn't pulling any punches with the prizes.

Dreams' Creative Community Is On The Rise, And Their Dreams Are Magical

Media Molecule's next project Dreams might be flying under some people's radar, but the community is growing with new creators every day, and their creations are incredible.

Street Fighter Subreddit Sends Two Players to Combo Breaker

Recently, r/StreetFighter held a contest to send two Street Fighter V players to Combo Breaker in Chicago, Illinois. Today, the results revealed who would represent the sub at the CPT ranking event!

Alex Valle's Let's Learn Fighting Games Series Is Must-Watch

Fans of any fighting game have a new video series to check out, courtesy of one of the FGC's longest-tenured members, Alex Valle.

Popular Gaming Subreddit r/Games Shuts Down on April Fool's Day

In an attempt to drive a conversation towards a very important topic, gaming subreddit r/Games has locked their entire sub for the day, posting a very sincere call-to-action.

Arc System Works' Twitter Cosplay Guides Are Something More Devs Should Do

It's simple, fun references of the Blazblue characters, and we'd love to see more game developers lend that kind of service to the creative community.

Discord Game Store Beta Now Live With Games Like Hollow Knight and Bad North

The gaming VoIP platform has launched their own game store today in an attempt to rival Steam.

Rockstar Netherlands Let Terminally Ill Patient Play Red Dead Redemption 2

A terminally ill gamer's last wish was to play Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar made it come true.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Scott Cunningham's Out Run Record and More

This week on the Scoreboard Spotlight we check out some clever Atari visual design, a points run involving our favorite TurboGrafx gremlin, and a beautiful drive across Europe with a Sega classic.

Scoreboard Spotlight: William Rosa's 19-Hour Tapper Marathon and More

This week on the Scoreboard Spotlight we check out some truly nostalgic arcade titles like VS Duck Hunt and Super Contra, plus two obscure arcade games we hadn't known about, and one marathon session of Tapper.

Ninja and DrLupo Address Suicide Awareness and Prevention on Twitch

Ninja and DrLupo are two of the biggest personalities on Twitch and have taken to their platform to address suicide awareness and prevention when it comes to viewers of streams dealing with suicidal thoughts.

Donkey Kong Celebrates 37th Birthday

The arcade game that spawned a generation of players and score chasers has reached its 37th birthday, with the community celebrating the event.

Paul Streifel is Destroying Gyruss Records Across All Platforms

By truly learning to master the very first game he ever played on the same cartridge of his first owned port, Paul "ThePulseRifle" Streifel has been taking records of just about every port of the Konami classic Gyruss.

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