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CWL Championship 2019 Schedule & How To Watch

The CWL Champs 2019 tournament is upon us, pitting the best Call of Duty teams in the world against each other. Here's where to catch it all and when.

Fortnite World Cup Winner Bugha Gets Swatted

In a nasty turn of events, the 16-year-old winner of the Fortnite World Cup was recently swatted. Fortunately, no one was hurt this time.

Gen.G & Bumble Announce All-Women "Team Bumble" Fortnite Team

Gen.G has partnered with Bumble to strengthen its Fortnite roster and launch Gen.G Empowered by Bumble, Gen.G's first all-women esports team.

EA To Host $500,000 Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

Electronic Arts is gearing up for some major competition in Apex Legends. A Preseason Invitational will put $500,000 on the line come September.

PUBG Season 4 To Rekindle Original Erangel Map

As PUBG gears up for its fourth season, it returns to where it all began. Erangel is getting a major overhaul alongside other additions like new outfits and co-op missions.

Shanghai Dragons Pull Massive Upset Vs NYXL In Stage 3 Playoffs

The curse is truly lifted and the Dragons are flying. They put a 3-1 win against the New York Excelsior to move forward in Overwatch League Stage 3's Playoffs.

Sentinels Apex Legends Team Becomes First To Reach Apex Predator Rank

The Sentinels squad of zombs, retzi, and senoxe were the first to break into the highest tier of Apex Legends new ranked system.

shroud Streamed Apex Legends Through Recent Earthquake

Don't try this at home. Shroud was on stream during one of the recent earthquakes that rocked California.

Borderlands 3 Will Feature A Ping System & Further Accessibility Options

It would appear that Borderlands 3 is set to feature a ping system and further accessibility options that will open the playing field to a more diverse audience.

Apex Legends L-Star Machine Gun Guide

With Season 2 of Apex Legends came an arsenal of new gear, but none more notable than the L-Star. Here's what this energy machine gun is packing and how to use it right.

Apex Legends Wattson Gameplay & Strategies

With Wattson on the market, Apex Legends has a new and very important defensive character. Make sure you know when and where to deploy Wattson's tools and abilities!

Twitch Prime Apex Legends Season 2 Rewards Announced - How To Get

With a new season of Apex Legends comes a new season of the Twitch Prime Pack for it. Here's how to get the Wattson Sweet Dreams and L-Star Stellar Stallion skins

Stranger Things Portals Are Appearing In Fortnite

It would appear that Stranger Things and Fortnite could be crossing over in a new event. Portals have started to appear in the game.

What Time Does Apex Season 2 Start

Apex Legends Season 2 is upon us with a new character, new gun, and a season of changes. Here are the latest details on when Season 2 starts.

Borderlands 3 New Social Features Cater To Both Solo & Co-op Play

At E3 2019, Borderlands 3 shared a number of new social features that will allow players to be part of the community whether they're playing multiplayer or not.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Going On Sale Ahead of E3 2019

Lending credence to some big updates on the way at E3 2019, Division 2 is now on sale. It's time to slap on your gear, squad up, and head out into a dangerous Capital.

Destiny 2 Cross-Save Confirmed By Bungie On All Platforms

Cross Save is coming to Destiny 2, which will allow players to bring their Guardian to any platform the game can be played on.

COD: Modern Warfare Crossplay & Progresssion Could Energize Competition

Two major additions to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could become a catalyst for a whole new era of Call of Duty's competitive scene.

How to Get Your Hands on Overwatch League Team Skins for Free

How you can get your hands on the shiniest Overwatch League team skins without having to empty your wallet. Plus, we reveal which teams are currently in the lead for the "Skins in the Game" Event!

Void, Arc, & Solar Config Puzzle for Zero Hour - Destiny 2

Here's how to solve the Void, Arc, and Solar configurations and get your hands on the coveted Outbreak Perfected Exotic Catalyst.

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