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Longstanding 80's Video Game World Record Potentially Beaten

The 38 year old Crazy Climber arcade world record could be dethroned by an incredible performance submitted by competitor Brian Joseph Sperback - but there may be controversy.

Frank Breneman Killed Pac-Man Then Pac-Man Chased Frank Forever

When it debuted in 1980, Pac-Man made a strong impression on gamers everywhere. A select few achieved a world record.

Joseph Saelee Becomes Back-To-Back Tetris World Champion

The Classic Tetris World Championship 2019 saw last year's new champ Joseph Saelee take it again in an incredible weekend of competition.

The Evolution Of Community & Competition In 10 Years Of Galaga

Former Twin Galaxies Galaga World Record holder Phil Day goes into detail on how competitive Galaga has evolved since his record in 2009 and what the future holds for Galaga scores and competition.

An Ode to The Toads: TG's Champions of Battletoads

On Sunday, Microsoft revealed at E3 that the fan-favorite retro beat 'em up Battletoads was returning in 2019. We wax nostalgic and show off a few TG record holders who definitely have Battletoads on lock-down.

Tetris Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary With New Logo & Events

Tetris was released on this day in 1984. In celebration, the Tetris company is sharing all new logos, games, and new ways to play the classic game.

Bandai Namco & Artist Richard Orlinski Team Up For Pac-Man Sculpture

Bandai Namco recently collaborated with popular artist Richard Orlinski and Neamedia to produce a neat new sculpture of the retro gaming star icon, Pac-Man.

Capcom Home Arcade Plug-And-Play Device Revealed

After a teaser trailer yesterday, Capcom revealed its latest retro gaming device - a plug-and-play "Home Arcade" containing 16 pre-loaded arcade classics.

Twitch Streamer Rudeism Beats Mario 64 With Single-Button Controller

Twitch Streamer Rudeism created a one button controller and then played Super Mario 64 in a 70-hour run.

Jeff Wolfe & John McCurdy Are The New Kings of Kong

The classic gaming community was treated to news of an unprecedented event in the world of Donkey Kong arcade competition - a "King of Kong" championship double-header.

Conquering A Cosmic Record On Cosmic Alien - A Chat With Petr Prokop

Petr Prokop set a Twin Galaxies record on Cosmic Alien, a nearly 40-year-old game with a 6-year-old previous record. We spoke to him and other experts about challenging one of the rare Universal arcades that goes over 1 million points.

Could Nintendo Switch NES Classics Be Next For Twin Galaxies Record Chasers?

With Nintendo Switch Online introducing the NES Classics Library and new games added regularly, we look at the possibility of a new horizon for NES record chasers in their favorite games.

Intellivision Amico Trailer Reveal Follows Tallarico Retro Gaming Keynote

A new trailer for the revealed and named Intellivision Amico console has been released just a couple days after Tommy Tallarico revealed details about the new system at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

Mega Man 11 Demo Proved That Capcom Is Doing This Sequel Right

Mega Man 11 shows that a flashy coat of paint doesn't have to slow down that old-school challenge. We share our thoughts and the thoughts of the community on the upcoming game.

Nintendo Switch Online Launches - How To Sign Up & What You Need To Know

Nintendo Switch Online services will be launching today at 8PM PT/11PM ET. We have all the details you'll need here, like info on the NES Classic library, how to sign up, and what you'll get.

Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle Announced at September's Nintendo Direct

Today's Nintendo Direct revealed the Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle — a collection of seven classic arcade titles. Pre-orders available today!

Donkey Kong Celebrates 37th Birthday

The arcade game that spawned a generation of players and score chasers has reached its 37th birthday, with the community celebrating the event.

Live Threats - The Pressures Of Score Chasing And Tournament Play

Guest writer and former Galaga Tournament World Record Holder Phil Day examines current attempts at records for the classic Pole Position and how competitions like the Donkey Kong Kong Offs could spice up any retro competitive scene.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Chris Gleed's Street Fighter 2 Ken Mastery & More

There's some serious thieving and plenty of punchies going on in this edition of Scoreboard Spotlight! Check out stellar runs in King of Fighters, Street Fighter II, Lock 'N' Chase, and more!

Twin Galaxies Community Atari Asteroids Marathons Top World Record

How far would you go to be the best? For a few of the proud Twin Galaxies community, it took a whole weekend to overcome a mountain of record in Atari 2600 Asteroids

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