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Evo 2019 Is The First Time A Street Fighter Game Won't Be The Finale

Evo pretty much always ends with a Street Fighter game, but 2019 is letting Smash Bros Ultimate cap things off for once.

Evo 2019 Entrant Numbers

The Evo 2019 registration numbers are in. Find out how many players registered for each Evo game this year!

Evo 2019 Registration - How to Register

Evo 2019's main game lineup is out and it's time to get ready to throw down in the biggest fighting game tournament of the year. Here's how to get ready.

The FGC Talks Evo 2019 Ahead Of The Lineup Reveal

We're about to find out what games will feature at EVO 2019, and members of the FGC have plenty to say about what may be chosen.

Predicting the EVO 2019 Main Game Lineup

With EVO 2019's lineup set to be revealed later tonight, we take a look at what will, what could, and what won't be a part of the Evolution Championship Series this year.

Cygames Beast GamerBee Says His Biggest Street Fighter 5 Rival is Himself

At Evo 2018, we sat down with CYG|BST GamerBee, who revealed that in Street Fighter V, the player he struggles against the most is himself.

CyGames Beast Fuudo: Sagat, G, Future of Street Fighter 5?

Twin Galaxies was able to catch up with Fuudo, one of the talented fighters from CyGames Beast, to talk about the reveal and release of G and Sagat for Street Fighter V and other possible characters.

Daigo On Retiring From Street Fighter: "I Just Can't Imagine Not Playing"

The legendary Street Fighter V pro Daigo "The Beast" Umehara spoke with us at length about a variety of topics, but his answer about stepping away from scene really stood out.

Pokemon Go Eeveelution Guide for Eevee

Looking for the perfect Eeveelution to fit your Pokemon Go squad? This handy guide will let you transform any Eevee you catch into the evolution you want.

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