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DOOM Eternal Pushed Back To March 2020

It would appear the Doom Slayer's return trip to Hell will have to wait just a bit longer than expected.

Id Software Designer & Director Tim Willits Leaving Company

After nearly 25 years in the industry and work on many legendary games, Tim Willits will be stepping down from his role at id Software.

DOOM Eternal Release Date Revealed by Bethesda at E3 2019

DOOM Eternal is the next entry in the legendary first-person shooter franchise, and its release date was finally announced by Bethesda at its E3 2019 press conference.

Bethesda Reveals DOOM Eternal BATTLEMODE Multiplayer at E3 2019

It's part Unreal, part Quake, all DOOM Eternal's slaying glory.

5 Video Game Franchises That Deserve a Jordan Crossover

While Fortnite has earned its place alongside the greatest sneaker company of all time, we think these 5 gaming franchises belong in the realm of the GOATs as well.

How to Get the Doom BFG 9000 in Rage 2

The developers behind Rage 2 all have a long storied past in gaming, and they've got a treat for all you Doom fans out there.

QuakeCon Will Be In London As Well As Dallas In The Year of DOOM

Bethesda and id Software fans across the Atlantic will have a chance to see QuakeCon in their backyard in 2019. QuakeCon will happen simultaneously in Dallas and London this year with DOOM Eternal front and center.

Jace Hall's $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge Has Been Beaten in Incredible Fashion

In a show of elite gaming skill, a group of professional DOOM players were able to complete the Jace Hall $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge.

Jace Hall's $1,000 DOOM Arena Challenge is Competitive Gaming at Its Finest

Video game industry veteran Jace Hall is hosting a DOOM Arena Challenge that will push players to their limits in order to collect the $1,000 prize.

DOOM Eternal Invasion PVP Teases Largely Expanded Multiplayer, Says Id

The presentation for DOOM Eternal blew the lid off at QuakeCon 2018, but one detail that left us largely curious was the briefly shown invasion mechanic. Id Software says it's a teaser for a much bigger multiplayer experience.

QuakeCon 2018 Starts With Doom Eternal, Elder Scrolls Online, Rage 2, and, well, Quake

So much happened in the one hour presentation at QuakeCon 2018 that it was easy to miss something if you looked away for a minute. Don't worry: We got you.

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