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Blizzard Removes Hong Kong Hearthstone Player & Casters Following Protest

After a political protest in a Hearthstone Grandmaster's post-game interview, Hong Kong player blitzchung and a pair of casters involved have been fired by Blizzard.

Invictus Gaming Wins 2019 LPL Spring Grand Finals

The best teams in the Legends Pro League have been battling for months and it all came to a close early Sunday morning as World Champions Invictus Gaming won their first domestic title over JD Gaming.

How to Watch the 2019 LPL Spring Split Finals

Invictus Gaming look to make another trip to the international stage to defend their 2018 World Championship title, but they have to get through JD Gaming first.

China's Ban On Twitch Is Beginnings Of An All-Out Attack On Gamers

China has been cracking down on children playing video games and gaming disorder, going as far as banning Twitch in the country altogether and putting a freeze on new games. But, could their seemingly noble actions have bigger consequences?

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