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Google Addresses Recent Stadia Backlash, Performance Concerns

The Google Stadia had a less than perfect launch and many feel that Google has mislead its consumer base with promises not witnessed when the service went live.

Google Stadia - Release Date, Games Line-up, and Pricing

During their first-ever Stadia Connect this morning, Google unveiled a lot of juicy details regarding the future of their games streaming platform.

How to Watch Google's E3 2019 Stadia Connect

Only a few months after the reveal of Google's Stadia console, the company will be hopping on the E3 2019 train and showing off some new stuff this week.

The Internet Reacts to the Google Stadia Reveal

Google announced its Stadia gaming platform yesterday, and the announcement generated a ton of buzz all over social media.

Google Announces 'Stadia' Digital Gaming Platform

The streaming future is very real, and it's coming in 2019. Google reveals new Stadia game streaming system at GDC keynote, and it could change everything.

Google Project Stream Could Be The Future Of Twitch and YouTube

Google's been rumored to be working on a "Yeti streaming service" for a while. They finally announced Project Stream and a partnership with Ubisoft to test Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

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