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Logan Paul Loses to KSI In Rematch, Gets Roasted

You know that old saying, talk ... ahem ... get hit? That's what happened to Logan Paul during his KSI rematch and his excuses got him roasted.

Logan Paul Wants to Take On Conor McGregor In a UFC Fight

Logan Paul apparently really likes pain because the controversial YouTuber is looking to go toe-to-toe with UFC champion Conor McGregor.

FaZe Banks: I didn't lay a hand on that girl and Jake Paul knows it

Things are constantly heating up when it comes to the allegation that FaZe Banks clotheslined Jake Paul's associate, Meg Zelly. Banks commented in a Twitter thread this weekend about it.

FaZe Banks: Logan And Jake Have Made a Career Out Of Lying

The beef continues. Logan and Jake Paul aren't known for their empathy and FaZe Banks called them out again for their horrible demeanor.

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