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New Call of Duty World League Teams & Franchising Leaked

Thanks to an early look at the new Call of Duty World League website code, we may have learned the new team names for the upcoming season of CWL.

Mortal Kombat 11 Joker & Terminator DLC revealed For Kombat Pack 1

With Terminator T-800 arriving first to MK11 on October 8.

Fissure Confirms 2-2-2 Lock Coming To Overwatch League Stage Four

The recently retired main tank claims that the controversial meta-breaker will be implemented in July. We explain 2-2-2, and what you should expect to see in the coming months.

Super Leaks Overwatch League's Next Map Pool on Stream

"This map's dog sh@#," says the San Francisco Shock's Main Tank. Super goes on to reveal that the controversial map will be in the upcoming map pool, before realizing it's not public information.

New Apex Legends Weapons Found in Game Files

The dataminers are at it again. This time, it looks like they've managed to dig up not only the names for a bunch of unreleased (and potentially upcoming) guns in the hit Battle Royale game Apex Legends, but the art models as well.

Apex Legends Character Leak Reveals Octane

A popular post going around on the Apex Legends Reddit community may have revealed a new upcoming character: Octane.

14 Days Of Fortnite Challenges Leaked Early

The Fortnite challenges for the 14 Days of Fortnite event have been leaked early, so players already know what to expect every day to earn the rewards.

Fortnite Christmas Skins Leaked In Latest 7.10 Patch

Today's Fortnite patch has once again brought a series of leaked skins to light, and there's two new Christmas themed skins, along with two alternate versions of existing skins to celebrate the festive period.

Fortnite Season 7 Leaked Skins: Cloudbreaker, Wingtip, Waypoint

Fortnite Season 7 has kicked off and as expected, there's a few leaked skins that will be coming to the in-game store before too long.

Latest Fortnite Leaked Skins Include Longshot & Insight, Saxophone Emote

The Fortnite v6.31 patch dropped this morning and it's brought a bunch of leaked cosmetics including skins and emotes.

Fortnite Tender Defender Fan-Made Skin Coming Soon

A fan-made skin posted to Reddit called Chicken Trooper is confirmed to be coming to Fortnite soon as the Tender Defender.

Fortnite Hunting Party Skin Is An Aimbot With Kill Count Back Bling

The Fortnite Hunting Party skin has been revealed as we're almost at week seven and it turns out the skin is an... aimbot?

Fortnite Leaked Skins For Patch 6.21 Include Spooky Team Leader, Shogun

A new Fortnite patch has landed with a host of new leaked skins including the Spooky Team Leader, Shogun, Growler and more.

Rumor: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Roster Potentially Leaked In Marketing Materials

An alleged poster may have given away the farm when it comes to the complete roster for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Is that Geno and Banjo Kazooie we see?

PUBG Snow Map Dihor Otok Datamine Finds Space Base And Castle

Dihor Otok, the upcoming snow map in PUBG, has been datamined and contains several interesting landmarks including a space base and a castle.

Fortnite Leaked Skins With Patch 6.10 Include Widowmaker Inspired Outfit

Fortnite patch 6.10 has brought a few new cosmetics to the table in the form of leaks. One of which seems highly inspired by Overwatch's Widowmaker...

Red Fortnite Skull Trooper & Ghost Portal Leaked In Game Files

We could see another version of the Skull Trooper coming to Fortnite soon as a red colored edition of the popular Halloween skin has been found in the game files.

Fortnite Leaked Skins Include Plague Doctor & Hollowhead

Today's Fortnite patch has revealed a lot of new upcoming skins including a Plague Doctor set and Halloween themed pumpkin heads.

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