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Popular Streamer Shroud Joins Ninja On Mixer

Popular gaming streamer shroud has announced that he will be streaming exclusively on Microsoft Mixer, joining Ninja as the second high-profile name to move over.

Ninja Calls Out Twitch For Promoting Porn On His Channel - CEO Apologizes

Recently, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins called out the streaming platform out for allowing porn to be featured on the Ninja Twitch channel.

Ninja Leaves Twitch To Stream Exclusively On Mixer

Tyler "Ninja" shook the gaming community today with a major decision to leave Twitch for a contract with Microsoft's streaming service Mixer.

Greenlit Content SDCC Esports Lounge Charity Livestream Raises $20,000

Greenlit and ReKTGlobal's inaugural San Diego Comic-Con Esports Lounge and livestream were a huge success, drawing over 12,000 attendees and 750,000 viewers.

San Diego Comic-Con to Feature Esports Lounge & Tournaments

The regular comics and movie fare at SDCC 2019 will be joined by a slew of competitive gaming and streaming events.

Layoffs Hit Microsoft's Internal Original Content Team at Mixer

No official statement has been made by the organization, but employees began celebrating their time and their coworkers on social media today.

Snoop Dogg's Gangster Gaming League More Bark Than Bite

In an odd turn of events, Merry Jane and Snoop Dogg announced that the pairing would launch a new Esports series, but the inaugural outing left a lot to be desired.

Xbox X018 Event Time, Livestreams and Games - Crackdown 3 and More

Xbox is hosting a massive livestream from their X018 event in Mexico City, and we have the times and streams for tuning in for the biggest news and updates.

Fortnite Mixer Matchup & North American Championship Announced

It would appear some new Fortnite competition is on the horizon and every Fortnite crew in North America has a chance to prove their mettle for a cash prize from Mixer and Microsoft.

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