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Popular Streamer Shroud Joins Ninja On Mixer

Popular gaming streamer shroud has announced that he will be streaming exclusively on Microsoft Mixer, joining Ninja as the second high-profile name to move over.

The GG Podcast Talks Games vs Gambling & Esports Health

Is Electronic Arts pushing gambling on kids? Kyle Fox joins in on GG Podcast to discuss EA in Belgium, esports mental health, and NBA athletic courage in an earthquake.

Shroud Says He Knows Who the Next Apex Legends Character Is

Popular Twitch streamer shroud recently discussed his knowledge of the next character that will be added into the battle royale title of Apex Legends.

Is DrDisRespect on the Verge of Burning Out?

Today, DrDisRespect's stream can be boiled down into some pretty difficult to watch moments, where the streaming superstar expresses struggles with the current state of Battle Royals games.

Shroud Says He 'Won't be Streaming for a While' Post-Surgery

On Friday, popular Twitch streamer Shroud went into surgery to repair a broken elbow he suffered while riding his scooter without any protective gear. His return to the platform anytime soon is questionable.

Apex Legends Made an Estimated $92 Million in February

Launching onto the scene in February, the gaming world has been swept up in the hype of Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends, and the earnings reflect that popularity.

Shroud Returns to Stream After Accident

In his first stream back from a lengthy stay in the hospital, Twitch streamer Shroud details what his recovery looks like, and tries his hand at Apex Legends - spoilers; he can still frag.

Ninja Was Paid $1 Million To Market Apex Legends

In a recent report from Reuters, it was disclosed that Twitch star Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins made a staggering 1 million dollars from EA to play Apex Legends at launch.

Shroud Explains How Epic Games Can Make Fortnite An Esports Friendly Game

During a recent Twitch stream, shroud explained how he believes Epic Games could easily improve Fortnite esports.

Shroud Has Hilarious PUBG Vikendi Encounter With Stream Snipers

Shroud runs across a lot of stream snipers while playing PUBG, but this time, they managed to get him good. Not before he massacred a lot of them, of course.

Team Shroud Win The Doritos Bowl Blackout Tournament At TwitchCon

The former Counter-Strike pro and his squad have taken down the other pro teams and walked away with the grand prize.

Watch Shroud Throw Perfect Nade To Wipe Full Squad In Blackout

Shroud continues his reign of terror on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout with an incredible grenade throw at a passing truck full of players.

Shroud Raids Small Streamer And Donates 100 Twitch Subs

Last night, Shroud raided EazyEJ and gifted him 100 subs while he had just two viewers. 12 hours on and he's still streaming Dead Space 2 to almost 500 people.

Shroud Thinks People Will Get Over Black Ops 4 Quickly, Ninja Disagrees

Two of the most popular streamers on Twitch in Ninja and shroud teamed up for some Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout and discussed the game's longevity for the future.

Shroud Traps Ninja In Burning Truck In Black Ops 4 Blackout Stream

While playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's battle royale mode on stream yesterday, Shroud managed to trap Ninja under a blazing vehicle before glitching him underneath the map.

Shroud Hits Insane M24 Triple Kill In PUBG Day Before Black Ops 4 Blackout

As a pseudo-farewell to PUBG, Shroud pulled off an incredible three kills consecutively with the M24 without a scope. Aimbot? Definitely not, just Shroud being Shroud.

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