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Where to Watch TwitchCon 2019 & Twitch Rivals

TwitchCon 2019 is hosting a full weekend of esports competition with Twitch Rivals in Apex Legends, Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends and Fortnite! Here's where to catch it and when.

TwitchCon To Feature Twitch Rivals With $1 Million-Plus Prize Pool

TwitchCon is set to feature several Twitch Rivals competitions across the likes of Apex Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and more.

Shroud Says He 'Won't be Streaming for a While' Post-Surgery

On Friday, popular Twitch streamer Shroud went into surgery to repair a broken elbow he suffered while riding his scooter without any protective gear. His return to the platform anytime soon is questionable.

TwitchCon Is Heading To Europe In 2019

The popular convention will be expanding next year to Berlin, Germany for TwitchCon Europe.

Team Shroud Win The Doritos Bowl Blackout Tournament At TwitchCon

The former Counter-Strike pro and his squad have taken down the other pro teams and walked away with the grand prize.

Dr Lupo Roasted Ninja, TimTheTatman, and Others at TwitchCon

The popular streamer proved he isn't just great at the games, roasting his fellow streamers at a TwitchCon segment.

Where to Watch TwitchCon 2018 Esports Events for Friday, October 26

Here's where to watch all the TwitchCon 2018 eSports events happening on Friday, October 26!

Fortnite Peaked? Declining Twitch and Youtube Streaming Power

A new report from StreamElements has revealed some interesting news about the state of streaming and streamers on both Twitch and YouTube, with some surprising news about the most popular games.

Esports Community Cries Fowl At TwitchCon Fortnite Fall Skirmish Rules

Vocal members of the esports community recently let loose about rules established by Epic for their $2 million Fall Skirmish tournament at TwitchCon, which requires all players use supplied equipment at the event.

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