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Video Game Champion David Race Claims First Perfect Pac-Man

On November 20, 2020 at around 10:47PM PST Mr. Race successfully laid claim to the title of first Perfect Pac-Man of the weekend leading up to the 40th anniversary of the game.

A Horde Duel Tournament is Happening Right Now in WoW Classic

Organized by streamers and influencers, a large crowd gathers in The Barrens where a dueling champion of the Horde will be crowned.

Intellivision Amico Trailer Reveal Follows Tallarico Retro Gaming Keynote

A new trailer for the revealed and named Intellivision Amico console has been released just a couple days after Tommy Tallarico revealed details about the new system at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

Brett Weiss Talks SNES Omnibus, Writing About Retrogaming, And Nintendo's Golden Age

We talk about the latest effort to document video game history with the author of the SNES Omnibus. This book is jam packed with Super Nintendo nostalgia and is a collaborative effort from the gaming community.

Potential Record Breaking Run Set for Arcade Game Food Fight

The score, which is currently in the adjudication phase, could break a 17 year old record!

Rumor: YouTuber Apollo Legend May Face Legal Battle Over Billy Mitchell [Updated]

It would appear that Apollo Legend flew to Florida, attended an arcade event dressed like Billy Mitchell, and tried to secretly record proof that Billy is a fraud. Days later, lawyers called him.

Joust Champion Lonnie McDonald Talks Classic Games And Maxing Machines

Lonnie McDonald has been the Joust champion since the 1980s. But, in the modern age, he has become a mentor, pinball player, and touring showman, pushing over 180 Joust machines to the maximum score. He told us all about it.

When Blocks Fall into Place - An interview with Jonas Neubauer

What happens when you accidentally set a new world record? Alex McCumbers sits down with Jonas Neubauer to talk about his success with Tetris.

Dragster Designer David Crane Has No Doubts Of Todd Rogers' Record [UPDATED]

Amid the fierce debate over Todd Rogers' Atari Dragster record, game creator David Crane steps in to provide new insight on Activision record-keeping, Rogers himself, and the analysis of Omnigamer.

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