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Overwatch Nintendo Switch Edition & Release Date Leaked

It would appear that Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch and it won't be long before we can take it with us anywhere.

Nintendo Reveals Ultimate Alliance 3 Expansion Pass - E3 2019

As part of the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct, Marvel Games and Nintendo revealed more information about the upcoming Ultimate Alliance 3.

Could Nintendo's Miyamoto Appear During Xbox E3 2019 Briefing?

With a few hints, and some rumored partnerships on the horizon, could Nintendo's famed Miyamoto be appearing on the stage during the Xbox E3 Briefing?

Team Japan Crushes in Nintendo Smash Ultimate Championship

Though their journey to the Grand Finals was filled with turbulence, the representative from Japan absolutely stomped Team Europe in the Smash Ultimate World Championship Finals.

Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Direct Live Stream and Schedule

We've got all the info you need on this year's E3 2019 Nintendo Direct!

Retired From Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime Joins Twitter

Almost 200k people have followed @Reggie on twitter already, as the former Nintendo of America President begins packing up his office.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Announced for Nintendo Switch; Coming Late 2019

The two latest entries into the Pokemon franchise - Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield - were announced today during NIntendo's Pokemon Direct

The Internet Reacts to the February 2019 Nintendo Direct

There were many reactions to all of the news Nintendo brought in its February Nintendo Direct, and we've gathered the best of them here.

Nintendo Direct February 13 - How to Watch

The next Nintendo Direct is coming February 13, and we've set up a handy guide on the best ways to watch whatever Nintendo is preparing to show off.

The Next Nintendo Direct Is Coming February 13, The Internet Reacts

Nintendo has finally revealed the next Nintendo Direct for Wednesday, February 13, and the internet had plenty of reactions to the news.

Parody Nintendo Account Draws Attention With Fake Nintendo Direct Hoax

A Nintendo of America parody Twitter recently posted a fake Nintendo Direct post which caught on in within the community, reminding us all to look for the Verified checkmark.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct on November 1st: How To Watch

The last Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct will be dropping a ton of Smash Bros knowledge on us this Thursday. Here's how you can check it out.

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