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Frank Breneman Killed Pac-Man Then Pac-Man Chased Frank Forever

When it debuted in 1980, Pac-Man made a strong impression on gamers everywhere. A select few achieved a world record.

Historic Night Driver and River Raid Records Set

Two Twin Galaxies community members have proven their skills and accomplished some incredible gaming feats.

Nearly Impossible Mario Maker Level Played 5.3 Million Times

You could be one of the first person on earth to beat this level, but it's extremely unlikely. Sorry.

Vancouver Titans Break Overwatch League Win-Streak Record

In their first year as part of the Overwatch League, the Vancouver Titans continue to cement themselves as the most defiant and dominant squad.

Jeff Wolfe & John McCurdy Are The New Kings of Kong

The classic gaming community was treated to news of an unprecedented event in the world of Donkey Kong arcade competition - a "King of Kong" championship double-header.

Pro Player Mendokusaii Sets Apex Legends Solo Record at 36 Kills

Content creator and Houston Outlaws player Lucas "Mendokusaii" Hakansson raised the bar in the popular battle royale Apex Legends with an amazing solo kill rampage.

Sony and Marvel Break Guinness World Record for Marvel's Spider-Man

The two companies behind Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4 teamed up to break a Guinness World Record focused on the web slinging hero.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Scott Cunningham's Out Run Record and More

This week on the Scoreboard Spotlight we check out some clever Atari visual design, a points run involving our favorite TurboGrafx gremlin, and a beautiful drive across Europe with a Sega classic.

Paul Streifel is Destroying Gyruss Records Across All Platforms

By truly learning to master the very first game he ever played on the same cartridge of his first owned port, Paul "ThePulseRifle" Streifel has been taking records of just about every port of the Konami classic Gyruss.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Greg Degeneffe Crushes Pigs in Space and More

On this Scoreboard Spotlight, we check out Strikers 1945 Plus for some classic Neo Geo action, a speedy run through a Mega Man 9 stage, and reach for the stars in a staggering score in Pigs in Space on the Atari 2600.

Live Threats - The Pressures Of Score Chasing And Tournament Play

Guest writer and former Galaga Tournament World Record Holder Phil Day examines current attempts at records for the classic Pole Position and how competitions like the Donkey Kong Kong Offs could spice up any retro competitive scene.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Steve Germershausen Attack on Plaque and More

This week on the Scoreboard Spotlight, we check out Plaque Attack on the Atari 2600, an obscure arcade shmup, and take a look at one of the earlier attempts to play as Spider-Man in gaming.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Brandon Finton's Discovery of RPG Scorechasing & More

This week on the Scoreboard Spotlight, we check out some of the recently approved scores in an Atari take on Star Wars, Rampage, Double Dragon, Children of Mana, and Tenchu Shadow Assassins. Plus we put out a bounty for next week!

Scoreboard Spotlight: Chris Gleed's Street Fighter 2 Ken Mastery & More

There's some serious thieving and plenty of punchies going on in this edition of Scoreboard Spotlight! Check out stellar runs in King of Fighters, Street Fighter II, Lock 'N' Chase, and more!

Twin Galaxies Community Atari Asteroids Marathons Top World Record

How far would you go to be the best? For a few of the proud Twin Galaxies community, it took a whole weekend to overcome a mountain of record in Atari 2600 Asteroids

TG Community Chases Atari Asteroids Record In Open-Invite Marathon

Kicking off June, a few of the Twin Galaxies Community are getting ready to tackle a monster of a record for Asteroids on Atari. Some of the action will be streamed and all are invited to join in the chase!

The Challenge Of Marathon Galaga & A 15,999,990 Point Elephant

Can the enormous World Record for Marathon Galaga be toppled? Guest Writer and former Galaga Tournament World Record Holder Phil Day believes not only will it happen, but it will happen this year.

Scoreboard Spotlight: Matthew Ackerman's Ice Cold Beer Marathon & More

On this week's Scoreboard Spotlight, we take a look at new records including some mechanical mastery at a novelty arcade, some splendid Bubble Bobbling on Commodore 64, and more!

Scoreboard Spotlight: Neal Pierotti's Bases Loaded 2 Blowout & More

On this week's Scoreboard Spotlight, we take a look at new records including a massive baseball blowout in Bases Loaded, a rare Tetris max-out, fresh competition on some pocket-sized Pac-Man, and more!

Scoreboard Spotlight: Mitch Mitchell's Vs. Duck Hunt Mastery & More

In this week's Scoreboard Spotlight, we take a look at some great new inaugural record tracks on the Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition, as well as a pinpoint accuracy Vs. Duck Hunt run and more!

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