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A Letter From TG Editorial: New Leadership & An Emboldened Direction

A message from new Twin Galaxies Editorial Editor-in-Chief TJ Denzer about where TG Editorial is and where it's going.

Twin Galaxies Mobile App Released On iOS & Android

A new Twin Galaxies mobile app has officially launched. Between esports coverage, record submission, and community interaction, this app covers nearly everything TG has to offer.

TG Exclusive 'Going Pro' Documentary Features Justin Wong & Mew2King

A previously unseen documentary about what it takes to be an esports player featuring FGC pros Justin Wong and Mew2King is available exclusively on Twin Galaxies for registered users.

Watch: Twin Galaxies Fight Club - Stream, Players, Schedule

There will be plenty of exciting fighting game action taking place to kick off August with the Twin Galaxies Fight Club and EVO 2018 taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada this upcoming weekend.

Twin Galaxies Announces Fortnite Battle Royale Record Tracks

Twin Galaxies, the leader in video game record keeping, has announced five record tracks for Fortnite Battle Royale.

Vision Venture Partners Adds Former UFC Exec Mike Mossholder

The private equity firm behind Echo Fox, Twin Galaxies and Vision Entertainment have added UFC veteran Mike Mossholder as the organization's Chief Business Officer

First Pink H1Z1 TG Hoodie and Pants to Be Given Away On Pro League Broadcast

The much loved H1Z1 Twin Galaxies clothing set is getting a bright new addition, and there's only one way to try and get your hands on the first set.

The King's Rink - Our Chat with TG NHL Record Holder KingRaph

The Stanley Cup playoffs are well underway, but we're dialing it back to the simpler days of 1994 for this chat. KingRaph, a multiple time Twin Galaxies record holder, discusses his beginnings, his dip into NHL games, and his pick to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup this year.

Twin Galaxies Community Reacts to the Billy Mitchell Decision

While the news might have been a surprise to some, others have seen this decision coming for quite some time.

The Former King of Kong: Wes Copeland Talks Donkey Kong, Billy Mitchell, and How Did He Get So Good

Twin Galaxies spoke to Wes Copeland, former world record holder for Donkey Kong, to get his thoughts on the Billy Mitchell decision.

Setting Records: 5 Impressive And Legitimate Feats Involving Video Games

Video game records are always in flux, but some refuse to go away. With records being a big deal today, we explore five awesome (and legitimate) achievements that still dazzle us.

"I caught the bug" - Arda Ocal Talks NHL 94, Retro Games, & More

We talk to Arda Ocal, a child of Turkish immigrants in Canada who made a career covering hockey, wrestling, and even the weather, and now is the owner of two Twin Galaxies records!

Potential Record Breaking Run Set for Arcade Game Food Fight

The score, which is currently in the adjudication phase, could break a 17 year old record!

Twin Galaxies Explores Capturing Equipment used in Billy Mitchell Score

The dispute of Billy Mitchell's 1,062,800 score on Donkey Kong arcade has gotten further development as Twin Galaxies officials continue testing the method Mitchell supposedly used to capture his gameplay.

Open Discussion Live On Facebook About Billy Mitchell Score Today (Updated)

Jace Hall of Twin Galaxies will be holding an open discussion about the famed Billy Mitchell score dispute today around 3 PM PST.

The Ins And Outs Of The Twin Galaxies Player Profile System

The Twin Galaxies Player Profile system is an important tool in keeping track of your goals and achievements, as well as showing a competitive player's resume to interested parties.

Vision Esports Grows With The Times, Raises $38 Million

The company behind Echo Fox and Twin Galaxies just got a major power-up in the form of investment partners. Is this the start of traditional sports making real head way into esports?

Twin Galaxies Adjudication Issues Statement In Regard To Billy Mitchell Donkey Kong Dispute

Following new information provided and action taken in other venues, Twin Galaxies Adjudication has issued a statement regarding the ongoing dispute of Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong records.

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