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Gen.G's Arnold Hur On Newly Opened LA Esports Facility

Gen.G recently opened an esports team facility in Los Angeles and COO Arnold Hur shared with us the organization's determination to support their team efforts in the United States.

Seoul Dynasty's Fissure Confirms Retirement From Overwatch League

Fissure - the Overwatch League's most handsome, best main tank - is retiring from Seoul Dynasty, joining a growing list of great players that have stepped back from the competitive scene.

Gen.G & Seoul Dynasty Bring On Former MLB VP Chris Park As CEO

Gen.G and Seoul Dynasty are making some major moves in staffing. The organization has appointed former Major League Baseball executive Chris Park as their new CEO.

Talking The Future Of Gen.G & Seoul Dynasty With Arnold Hur

We caught up to Gen.G and Seoul Dynasty late in 2018 to talk about their year and what's coming. Chief Growth Officer Arnold Hur took the time to speak with us.

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