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EVO Monitor Provider BenQ ZOWIE On Prioritizing the FGC

It takes some dedication to supply some of the tech that goes into EVO. We spoke to BenQ ZOWIE Marketing Specialist Richard Luu on support of the FGC and other gaming ventures.

Evo 2019 Attendees May Have Been Exposed to Measles

It would appear that a few cases of measles have been confirmed in the exact time and location as Evo 2019.

Infexious On Taking First Cygames Beast EVO Run To SFV Top 8

We spoke to Cygames Beast newest recruit DC "Infexious" Coleman about his run at Evo 2019's SFV Top 8, playing alongside Daigo and Fuudo, and carrying the UK banner on the world stage of FGC.

Evo 2019 Finals - The Crowning of Three Kings & A Godly Smash Runback

Evo 2019 has come to an end, but the highlights were many and extraordinary. Between Shinku's aggressive run through BBTAG to MKLeo's potent Smash Ultimate runback, here's how Finals Sunday went down.

Evo 2019 Day 2 Sees Emotional GO1 Victory & Sonic Fox Remains MK Champ

Saturday's matches at Evo 2019 saw a multitude of amazing things, and among them GO1 capturing a tear-filled victory in DBFZ and Sonic Fox staying champion in Mortal Kombat 11.

Tom Cannon Confirms Riot Is Making A Fighting Game At Evo 2019

One of the "worst kept secrets" in gaming has been confirmed by EVO Founder and Riot Games' Tom Cannon. The League of Legends dev is working on a fighting game.

Nintendo Is Sending Four Smash Bros Ultimate Players To Evo 2019

After clearing all opponents in an online qualifier, four players will be going to Evo 2019 to compete in Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo's dime!

Evo 2019 Is The First Time A Street Fighter Game Won't Be The Finale

Evo pretty much always ends with a Street Fighter game, but 2019 is letting Smash Bros Ultimate cap things off for once.

The GG Podcast Talks EVO, Area 51, & Scarlett Johansson

What's the most money you'd bet on your gaming skills? The GG Podcast discusses EVO money matches, the Area 51 raid, and the controversy over Scarlett Johansson acting gigs.

Evo 2019 Entrant Numbers

The Evo 2019 registration numbers are in. Find out how many players registered for each Evo game this year!

Six EVO 2019 Games Have Reached +1000 Players

With a little under a month left, EVO 2019 has gathered a wealth of players across its nine showcase games.

Team Japan Crushes in Nintendo Smash Ultimate Championship

Though their journey to the Grand Finals was filled with turbulence, the representative from Japan absolutely stomped Team Europe in the Smash Ultimate World Championship Finals.

Analyzing the EVO 2019 June Registration Rankings

The latest sign-up rankings for EVO 2019 were announced by EVO head Joey Cuellar, and there's a lot to unpack from the results.

Panda Global's Keys To EVO Will Send Five Players to EVO 2019

If you think you're good enough to roll with the best at EVO 2019, Panda Global is offering a chance to prove it and score a chance to go to EVO 2019 free with the PG Keys to EVO league.

Evo 2019's Registration Tells A Lot Of Interesting Stories

The heads of Evo 2019 have been sharing registration numbers in real time, and with each update comes some sort of new and surprising information.

Evo 2019 Registration - How to Register

Evo 2019's main game lineup is out and it's time to get ready to throw down in the biggest fighting game tournament of the year. Here's how to get ready.

Evo 2019 Game Lineup Revealed

With so many new fighting games on the market, everyone wants to know which ones will be the Evo 2019 games. We're gathering all the details here!

The FGC Talks Evo 2019 Ahead Of The Lineup Reveal

We're about to find out what games will feature at EVO 2019, and members of the FGC have plenty to say about what may be chosen.

Predicting the EVO 2019 Main Game Lineup

With EVO 2019's lineup set to be revealed later tonight, we take a look at what will, what could, and what won't be a part of the Evolution Championship Series this year.

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