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Riot Games To Auction Echo Fox LCS Slot

It appears the Echo Fox LCS slot will be going to auction on behalf of Riot Games following the Kroenke Sports and Entertainment Group's failure to secure the spot.

TwitchCon To Feature Twitch Rivals With $1 Million-Plus Prize Pool

TwitchCon is set to feature several Twitch Rivals competitions across the likes of Apex Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and more.

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment Pulls Out of Echo Fox LCS Deal

It would appear that Echo Fox's LCS slot is still in its hands for the time being. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment has officially pulled out of a deal to buy the slot.

League of Legends Premier Tour 2019 To Conclude At Gamescom

As Gamescom approaches, Riot is gearing up to put on a show. The Riot Games Premier Tour 2019 finale will take the stage during Gamescom 2019.

Reworked Pantheon Revealed by Riot Games

After discussing it over the course of the last few months, we finally have our first look at a reworked Pantheon.

Team Liquid Snag Win After Huge Comeback Against OpTic

'Because OpTic played it bad and we played it really well, we were able to come back." - Team Liquid's Doublelift

Fnatic's Rekkles Slays His 1500th Career LEC Kill

The face of the franchise continues to make distance on the Career Kills leaderboard, reaching 1500 on Friday.

The GG Podcast Talks Echo Fox LCS Sale & Remembers Geoff Robinson

On the latest episode of The GG Podcast, Rick and Kyle Fox speak candidly on feelings surrounding the Echo Fox LCS slot sale, plus the crew honors the passing of StarCraft and competitive gaming legend Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson.

Gen.G's Arnold Hur On Newly Opened LA Esports Facility

Gen.G recently opened an esports team facility in Los Angeles and COO Arnold Hur shared with us the organization's determination to support their team efforts in the United States.

OmegaLOL - The LCS Animal House

What was once a stacked top-floor has turned into a bubbling food fight of teams in the middle of the LCS Animal House.

TSM Steals Victory While Guardians Not Watching Their Map

TSM also managed to steal away two Baron kills in a row from the Golden Guardians, who looked like they were very much in the lead all game long.

Team Liquid's Star Top-Laner Impact Injured in Car Accident

Spirits were as high as they always are on Impact's social media as he posted photos of himself wearing a neck-brace.

LoL Esports Announces Summer 2019 European Masters

On their blog today, the League of Legends European Championship announced their marquee Premier League tournament is back for the Summer of 2019.

Rekkles-less Fnatic Lose to Rogue

Yesterday, Fnatic benched star ad-carry Rekkles. Today, they dropped their match against Rogue in decisive fashion.

Misfits Benches Starting Roster, Fnatic Subs-Out Rekkles

Some interesting roster moves for two LEC teams came bursting into the spotlight this morning on social media.

League of Legends Ranked Status: Patch 9.14 Causing Issues

If you're trying to get into Ranked on League of Legends NA Servers, you're probably having a hard time due to issues with Patch 9.14.

Pro LoL May Not Be the Same - League of Legends Patch 9.14

The mid-summer patch for League of Legends isn't just about tweaking some champions, it may completely rewrite the meta for those playing competitive.

A Twist of Fates - LoL Teamfight Tactics Patch Notes 9.14

We've got a look at the first-ever Patch Notes for Riot Games new and exciting League of Legends mode Teamfight Tactics.

Splyce Snap Fnatic's Undefeated Streak at 147 Days in LEC

The streak ends at 7-wins, not including some of the fantastic skill Fnatic put on display during Rift Rivals 2019.

Jinx and Pyke to Get Project Skins in League of Legends?

In a short teaser on twitter, Riot Games and League of Legends teased the return of a popular skin-line and event.

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