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Gearbox Takes Victory Lap After Borderlands 3 Hits 5 Million Players

Borderlands 3 has gotten all the attention and more with 5 million Vault Hunters having entered the game, and Gearbox was thrilled to see the turnout.

Borderlands 3 Will Feature A Ping System & Further Accessibility Options

It would appear that Borderlands 3 is set to feature a ping system and further accessibility options that will open the playing field to a more diverse audience.

Borderlands 2 Update 1.06 Patch Notes 2019 Guide

The Borderlands 2 Update 1.06 patch notes are paving the way for the 2019 Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for the popular title.

How Long is the Borderlands 3 Story Mode? Story Length Guide

How Long is the Borderlands 3 story mode? The length of the Borderlands 3 story was recently confirmed by one of the title's developers ahead of its official release.

Borderlands 3's Loot Instancing System Will Adapt To Different Players

Borderlands 3 players playing on different levels won't have to worry about getting useless gear or overleveled weapons they can't equip, thanks to the Loot Instancing system.

Shroud Doesn't Think a Borderlands Battle Royale Would Work

Popular battle royale Twitch streamer shroud recently explained why he doesn't believe a Borderlands battle royale game would work very well.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Event Twitch Stream, Start Time

The Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event is almost here, and we have the Twitch stream and start time for the highly anticipated Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event covered for you.

Borderlands 3 Release Date Was Possibly in Developer Trailer

One community member has crafted a theory that the Borderlands 3 release date was actually hidden in the title's developer announcement trailer.

How Many Guns are in Borderlands 3? At Least a Billion

Are curious about how many guns there are in Borderlands 3? Well, there will be at least a billion that includes a walking gun with legs. No, we are not kidding.

Borderlands Game of the Year Remaster Announced at PAX East

Rediscover the co-op looter shooter that started the beloved franchise a decade ago in this completely refreshed, and tweaked version of the original Borderlands.

Borderlands 3 Revealed at PAX East

The third game in the Borderlands mainline franchise was finally revealed at the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston today after a tease earlier in the week, and a nightmare of a live press conference.

Borderlands 3 Is Not Battle Royale

In the much anticipated Gearbox Official livestream for a new Borderlands game, CEO Randy Pitchford was quick to say Borderlands is not going to be a battle royale game.

Borderlands Livestream Schedule & Where to Watch

We're just about to get a big announcement from Gearbox Software about the next Borderlands game at PAX East. With a livestream coming, here's where to watch the reveal.

What If Borderlands 3 Is a Battle Royale?

Gearbox is teasing Borderlands 3 on its Twitter, but what if the next Borderlands adventure comes bundled with a battle royale mode like Fortnite or Apex Legends? We give some ideas on what that might look like.

Is Borderlands 3 Being Teased At Long Last For PAX East?

Gearbox Software is getting something big ready for PAX East, and it looks suspiciously like a new Borderlands game.

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