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Shroud Says Epic Games Store Will Help PC Gaming Greatly

While reactions to the Epic Games store have been mixed by the PC gaming community, Twitch star shroud believes Epic Games will help PC gaming immensely heading into the future.

Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Location and Inventory for April 26; The Tower

Xur's back to Destiny 2, but it's not all sunshines and rainbows this weekend. It's currently impossible to complete the mysterious "Invitation of the Nine" quest called "The Tower."

Destiny 2 Announces Changes to Iron Banner, Enhancement Cores

In the latest edition of "This Week at Bungie," community manager Cozmo unveiled the development team's changes to Iron Banner, which begins this weekend, and also the game's hottest material: Enhancement Cores.

Did a Tekken Pachinko Machine Reveal A Character's Future?

A Reddit user stumbled upon an interesting video clip from a Tekken pachinko machine, which may have revealed the future for one of its biggest stars.

Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Location and Inventory for March 1

Xur arrives with some new Exotics for Guardians to purchase! Well, they're still old Exotics, but they haven't been around for a while. Here's what he's got for the weekend of March 1!

How to Level Up Fast in Anthem

Strongholds are without a doubt the best part of Anthem, EA's new Action RPG. Here's how to get through the game's lower levels quickly and get to the end game content you crave!

What Javelin Should I Pick? Anthem Class Guide

Gamers are again faced with that age old question - who should I pick? Anthem is no different, with a selection of four Javelins to choose from. Here's our guide, identifying which Javelin is best for you.

Anthem Javelin Customization Guide; How to Change Color and Appearance

Looking good is a necessity in any game you play but is especially important in a game like Anthem, where you have this awesome Javelin suit to customize to your liking. Here's how to change your Javelin's appearance and smash your enemies in style.

Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Location and Inventory for February 22

Xur actually brought some useful Exotics this weekend (unless you're a Warlock, that is.) Here's what Xur's got for the weekend of February 22!

How to Get Coins in Anthem - Comprehensive Guide

Alright Uncle Scrooge, here's how to get more Coins in Anthem so you can get all the cool stuff you need.

Getting Weapon Parts in Anthem - Full Guide

Aren't we all hurting for Weapon Parts in Anthem? Here's how to get your hands on some parts and craft the gear you need to smite your enemies!

Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Location and Inventory for February 8

Xur is back with more Exotics, including a Scout Rifle perfect for melting faces, especially those of the Cabal.

How to Revive Yourself in Apex Legends

The only thing worse than getting knocked down is Apex Legends is not having any of your friends around to pick you back up. Here's how to ditch your untrustworthy comrades and revive yourself.

Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Location and Inventory for February 1

Xur is back to sell his mysterious wares to the Guardians of Destiny 2! Here's what Xur has in his inventory for the weekend of February 1.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 Price Details and Player Impact

Season 2 of Dragon Ball FighterZ was officially announced last night after Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour finals. Here's what the introduction of six new fighters, including Jiren, Videl, Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, and another Broly mean for players of the popular anime fighting game.

Where is Xur - Destiny 2 Location and Inventory for January 25

Xur brings an incredible hand cannon to Destiny 2 this week. Have you found the mysterious Agent of the Nine?

Capcom Reveals North American Street Fighter Pro League Series

Today, Capcom announced news of a 3-on-3 team tournament series called the North American Street Fighter Pro League."

V-Jump Leak Shows Jiren As Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 DLC

Another round of pesky V-Jump leaks revealed yet another piece of Dragon Ball FighterZ news, confirming that Jiren will be joining the cast as the first Season 2 DLC character. There also may be some hints that more news is on its way.

Mortal Kombat 11 Collectors and Premium Edition Details

We have everything you need to know about the Mortal Kombat 11 Collectors and Premium Edition covered.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Guide - How to Get Black Armory Armor

With the Destiny 2 expansion titled "Black Armory," you want to get your hands on some awesome new armor, right? Here's how to acquire some new threads within Destiny 2's latest expansion.

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