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League of Legends Premier Tour 2019 To Conclude At Gamescom

As Gamescom approaches, Riot is gearing up to put on a show. The Riot Games Premier Tour 2019 finale will take the stage during Gamescom 2019.

Fnatic's Rekkles Slays His 1500th Career LEC Kill

The face of the franchise continues to make distance on the Career Kills leaderboard, reaching 1500 on Friday.

LoL Esports Announces Summer 2019 European Masters

On their blog today, the League of Legends European Championship announced their marquee Premier League tournament is back for the Summer of 2019.

Rekkles-less Fnatic Lose to Rogue

Yesterday, Fnatic benched star ad-carry Rekkles. Today, they dropped their match against Rogue in decisive fashion.

Misfits Benches Starting Roster, Fnatic Subs-Out Rekkles

Some interesting roster moves for two LEC teams came bursting into the spotlight this morning on social media.

Splyce Snap Fnatic's Undefeated Streak at 147 Days in LEC

The streak ends at 7-wins, not including some of the fantastic skill Fnatic put on display during Rift Rivals 2019.

Europe Beats North America at Rift Rivals 2019

After three epic days of show matches, group stages, and an intense playoff race, it was the EU that topped NA during Rift Rivals 2019.

EU > NA After Day 1 Sweep at Rift Rivals 2019

Yesterday was a hard day if you're a fan of North American League of Legends, as the three best from the region dropped all four games against EU's best.

How to Watch League of Legends Rift Rivals 2019

Starting today, the competitive festivities of a North American versus Europe League of Legends tournament kicks off!

Fnatic Come Back to Beat Excel After Getting Stomped Early

In the final day of Week 3 for the LEC, not many thought Fnatic would get crushed by the lowly Excel Esports, but it almost happened.

Riot Games Announce Line-up For Rift Rivals 'NA vs EU Classic'

Rift Rivals is bringing fans an NA vs EU Classic and we've got a look at the starting line-up for both regions!

Fnatic Crush G2 Esports in LEC Match of the Week

It could easily be called the most entertaining battle of two European juggernauts ever played on the mainstage in Berlin as both G2 and Fnatic play as undefeated squads.

G2 Esports Play Full Trolls Against Team Vitality in LEC Wk2

The bonkers comp, the bm trolling at the end, and all that G2 Esports brought to the Rift on owner Ocelote's birthday.

Rogue's Profit Outplays Almost All of Vitality Under Turret

It's still early in the LEC's 2019 Summer Split but Rogue sure does look hot so far.

LEC Summer Split 2019 Standings and Results

The LEC Summer Split for 2019 will soon be starting, and we have all of the standings for the League of Legends competition covered for you.

Fnatic's Broxah Could Have Breakout With 6th-Man Pressure

In a somewhat surprising turn, the LEC's Fnatic has promoted their Academy jungler to the main roster as their 6th-man and substitute.

Rogue Promotes Kacper 'Inspired' Sloma to Starting LEC Roster

The LEC's Rogue announced yet another roster update in their very busy off-season, promoting newly eligible Inspired to the starting jungler role.

SK Gaming Names Realistik Head Coach of LEC Team

After a shake-up in the Spring Split, SK Gaming has done a lot of work to ensure they continue their late split momentum into the Summer season.

Riot Games Announces League of Legends 'Pro View' Tool

In a move to make the viewing experience for professional League of Legends fans more personal and adaptive, Riot Games has developed the 'Pro View' tool.

G2 Esports' Ocelote on their 'Culture of Taking S*** Seriously'

Pt. 2 of our interview with G2 Esports' founder and owner Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez dives into creating a culture for fun and being the best.

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