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CS:GO Adds New Halo Sticker Set

With Halo: Reach coming to PC and Xbox, of course we are going to celebrate anything to do with Master Chief - including CS:GO hosting their own mini-celebration!

CS:GO Goes Free To Play; Danger Zone Battle Royale Mode Announced

Today, Valve announced some major CS:GO news - the game is going free-to-play and is getting a new battle royale mode. Check out Danger Zone, CS:Go's take on the battle royale genre!

Valve Reveals How Many PC Gamers Use Gamepads, And Which Kinds They Choose

An internal hardware survey has shown exactly how many Steam users opt for a gamepad, and the most popular ones out there.

PUBG On Steam Falls Below A Million Players For First Time In A Year

A recent check on Steam databases shows that PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds just dropped beneath the one million active player mark for the first time in a full year. Is the battle royale hype cooling down?

Multiplayer Car Combat Arena Heavy Metal Machines Leaving Early Access

Free-to-play, Car combat MOBA Heavy Metal Machines is preparing to leave Steam Early Access and has a new trailer and features to celebrate its launch!

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Trailer Revealed At Gamescom 2018

Time to take to the skies once more as another entry in the storied Ace Combat series, Skies Unknown, gets ready to take flight. Bandai Namco has shown off the latest trailer at Gamescom 2018.

Brawlhalla Patch 3.25: Fireworks, Summer Exclusives, 3v3 Beachbrawl

The devs for Brawlhalla come and put a patch every week, always striving to make the game better. Patch 3.25 may not be their biggest one, but it brings good tidings, Mallhalla items, and a sound overhaul for PC players.

Valve Leaks Steam Player Numbers

A whole ton of player number data was inadvertently leaked, providing many with the opportunity to see exactly how many people are playing the top games.

Just Cause 4 Leaked by Steam Ad Ahead of E3 2018

It seems a bug or error on Steam's part has revealed the popular franchise will be getting a new addition, possibly sooner rather than later.

Valve Issues Statement Regarding Steam Store Content

Recently, Valve has come under fire for some decisions they've made regarding games available (or not available) on the Steam store. Today, Valve issued a statement clarifying the past and setting up a plan for the future.

Steam Adds Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Support

One more step towards a big, happy family as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller gains official Steam support.

Valve Loses Appeal of Fine in Australia's High Court

The year's long legal battle seems to have settled, with Valve needing to pay out a fair amount of money.

Getting Over It, Ironically, Inspires Rage and Philosophy

Some games just punish you at all ends for even a moment of failure. Here's how players worked through frustration to find a calm in one of the most rage-inducing of games.

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