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A Ryze of Tide and Nerfed Cats - 3Keys 9.12

There have been a few very strong changes in League of Legends game patch 9.12 and we're here to talk about the three keys.

The Sheriff of Piltover Arrives Early in LoL Patch 9.10

Three Keys to League of Legends Patch 9.10: Yuumi the Magical Cat is here, alongside buffs to Caitlyn and Soraka.

League of Legends Patch 9.9 - Three Keys

With League of Legends Patch 9.9 hitting the game client, we take a look at the three biggest changes and updates in the newest patch notes.

League of Legends Patch 9.7 Three Keys: Kayle, Sylas, & Lissandra

LoL Patch 9.7 is here, and we're going to pick apart the three biggest key takeaways from all the changes coming in the MSI Patch.

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