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Infexious On Taking First Cygames Beast EVO Run To SFV Top 8

We spoke to Cygames Beast newest recruit DC "Infexious" Coleman about his run at Evo 2019's SFV Top 8, playing alongside Daigo and Fuudo, and carrying the UK banner on the world stage of FGC.

Evo 2019 Is The First Time A Street Fighter Game Won't Be The Finale

Evo pretty much always ends with a Street Fighter game, but 2019 is letting Smash Bros Ultimate cap things off for once.

Street Fighter League Season 2 Qualifiers Now Open

As the first season of Street Fighter League comes to a close, Capcom Fighters is already getting ready for the next. Season 2's Qualifiers are open and vote-in nominations are underway.

Onitsuka Tiger Collaborates with Street Fighter to Make Rare Kicks

Find out more about the Limited Run of exclusive Street Fighter shoes, and how you can get your hands on the super-rare Street Fighter V skin that comes with them.

Punk Vs. Daigo At The MixUp 2019 Might Be The Street Fighter 5 Match of the Year

A thrilling set between REC|Punk and CYG BST|Daigo Umehara at The MixUp 2019 is in early contention to be Street Fighter V match of the year.

Capcom Home Arcade Plug-And-Play Device Revealed

After a teaser trailer yesterday, Capcom revealed its latest retro gaming device - a plug-and-play "Home Arcade" containing 16 pre-loaded arcade classics.

Mark Julio Unearths Alternate EVO Moment 37 Daigo Vs Wong Footage

Evo Moment 37 is a legendary time in competitive gaming history and thanks to Mark "MarkMan" Julio, we now have an alternate look at the infamous Street Fighter 3 match.

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