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Challenge Accepted: Fusion University heads to Overwatch Contenders Korea

The real reason why the most dominant team in the Overwatch Contenders North American region is making the leap to Contenders Korea.

O2 Blast and Element Mystic Meet (Again) in the Pacific ShowDown Grand Finals

Facing off for the third time in quick succession, Element Mystic and O2 Blast clash (again) in the Overwatch Contenders Pacific Showdown. We share the results and break down the maps.

Overwatch Contenders Pits a Prodigy Versus a King

Kaiser from O2 Blast and Quatz from Order face off in an early Main-Tank Matchup during Overwatch Contenders Pacific Showdown. Empowered by their team, only one is able to continue holding the crown.

The Best Non-Overwatch League Overwatch You Can Watch This Weekend

When the Overwatch League is on hiatus. However, teams from Overwatch Contenders China, South Korea, Australia, and Asia-Pacific will take the stage this weekend in an amazing Pacific Showdown.

The Vancouver Titans Needed a Loss To Become Even Stronger

A team that improves every time they are defeated, the Vancouver Titans needed a loss in the Overwatch League to grow stronger. Disagree? Let me tell you the tale of a little team called Runaway...

Overwatch League All-Stars 2019 Reserve Rosters Revealed

You know the Overwatch League 2019 All-Star starters, now find out who coaches and players want to see clash in the best of the best exhibition games next week.

Overwatch Contenders Get an Ear-full from Counter-Strike Fans at Australian Event

Playfully putting the 'Offensive' in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, fans attending IEM Sydney 2019 let Overwatch Contenders fans know what they think in thunderous crowd chant.

Overwatch League's First Home Game: First Impressions

Today marks the Overwatch Leagues first home game, hosted by the Dallas Fuel. Will it be a hit?

Atlanta Reign's Daco on His Recent Overwatch League Drama

"I am one of the most mechanically skilled players in the Overwatch League." Daco talks on what his off-tank brings to the team, how it felt to beat NYXL, and more.

Overwatch Contenders Epic Showdown Dates and Format

We've got the full run-down of dates and times for the Overwatch Contenders Epic Showdown global tournament as well as who is going to get invited.

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