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Yuumi Arrives and Yi is Stripped of Master in LoL Patch 9.10

Some big changes are coming to the crazy snowballing sword-master jungler, and the world of League of Legends gets a little cuter with the latest Champion launch.

How to Play League of Legends' Yuumi the Magical Cat

Patch 9.10 is finally here and with it comes the release of League of Legends' newest support champion, Yuumi the Magical Cat.

OmegaLoL: Yuumi and League of Legends' Pet Adoption Policy

There's no denying that a cat champion coming to League of Legends is a pretty great thing, but before Yuumi arrives, we have some pretty important questions and requests.

Yuumi: The Magical Cat - League of Legends Champion Reveal

Riot Games has finally given us a real look at the newest support champion, a magical cat named Yuumi.

Yuumi - New League of Legends Champion Teaser and Leaks

It's been a tough week for the Riot Games' champion design team. Thanks to some leaks online, the cat is out of the bag regarding their newest addition to the League of Legends champion pool.

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