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Reworked Pantheon Revealed by Riot Games

After discussing it over the course of the last few months, we finally have our first look at a reworked Pantheon.

Fiddlesticks and Volibear Win Player Vote for Reworks

All of the votes have been tallied and the winner of the count was too close to call, so Riot Games will rework two champions!

Cat Treats Demon Yordles in League of Legends Patch 9.11

Akali mains beware, patch 9.11 doesn't have a whole lot of spread but it's piled on thick where it counts. League of Legends 9.11 Patch Notes.

League of Legends Mordekaiser Rework Champion Update

After months of work and teasing, Riot Games sheds a whole ton of light on their Mordekaiser rework.

How to Play League of Legends' Yuumi the Magical Cat

Patch 9.10 is finally here and with it comes the release of League of Legends' newest support champion, Yuumi the Magical Cat.

Players to Pick Which League of Legends Champ Gets a Rework

It might sound lazy, but it is most likely brilliant. Fans can't get mad at which champion you choose to rework next if they are the ones deciding it.

Pantheon Will Be the Next League of Legends Champion Rework

The champion development team at Riot Games has been very busy with new champions and the reworking of old ones. Next up is Pantheon, the Artisan of War.

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