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Ash Winning The Pokemon League Is Everything To Competitive Dreamers

Can a TV show inspire the hearts of competitive players everywhere? We'd say yes after reactions to Ash Ketchum finally winning a Pokemon League.

Keanu, Nakamura, & A Good Boi Have Won E3 2019 More Than The Games

If chatter at E3 2019 around the community is anything to go by, a world-class actor, a passionate director, and a sweet doggo were just as important as the games.

COD: Modern Warfare Crossplay & Progresssion Could Energize Competition

Two major additions to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could become a catalyst for a whole new era of Call of Duty's competitive scene.

Destiny Community Hates Bungie's Exotic Nerfs, And They Should

The latest This Week at Bungie revealed a number of questionable changes coming to Exotic items in Destiny 2. Suffice to say, the community was none pleased.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay Management System Could Curb "Gaming Addiction"

As the debate of how much gaming can negatively affect young people rolls on, PUBG is at least aiming to come up with solutions with new Gameplay Management features on Mobile.

The Ten Best Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities for Esports Crowds

Mortal Kombat 11 is rife with epic finishing moves called Fatalities, but only some of them would translate well to a live MK event. We list the ones we think would get the best crowd reaction.

The Gears ELEAGUE Summer Series Is Coming, But What Is It?

Xbox and ELEAGUE announced a new Gears of War themed series coming this summer, but what will it actually be? We look at what we know, and what could potentially be a revolutionary moment in esports.

OmegaLOL: How to Take an 'L' in League of Legends

It's only a matter of time. Learning how to properly take a loss in League of Legends has made great players out of the ordinary. We're here to share that wisdom.

OmegaLOL: Cheese Strats w/ Sona & Taric

If you've ever watched or played a game of League of Legends then you've probably seen a "cheesy strat" at some point. Here's why that's a good thing.

Evo 2019's Registration Tells A Lot Of Interesting Stories

The heads of Evo 2019 have been sharing registration numbers in real time, and with each update comes some sort of new and surprising information.

You Cheated Not Only The Game, But Yourself, & That's Fine

The recent reaction of an angry FromSoftware fan over cheating in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has created a wonderful wave of memes, but the new, old debate of difficulty is seemingly alive and well.

OmegaLOL: Will Smurfing in League of Legends Ever Stop?

In our first edition of OmegaLOL, we take a quick look at the idea of Smurfing in League of Legends and whether or not it will ever stop.

What If Borderlands 3 Is a Battle Royale?

Gearbox is teasing Borderlands 3 on its Twitter, but what if the next Borderlands adventure comes bundled with a battle royale mode like Fortnite or Apex Legends? We give some ideas on what that might look like.

Comparing Live Esports Competition to Online Events

Competing in video games can be fun and intense, but the difference between the two main settings are fairly vast. We compare online tournament events to live competitions to give new players a better idea of what to expect.

Arc System Works' Twitter Cosplay Guides Are Something More Devs Should Do

It's simple, fun references of the Blazblue characters, and we'd love to see more game developers lend that kind of service to the creative community.

Fortnite Respawn Van Leak Teases At Further Borrowing From Apex Legends

Fortnite is teasing a "Respawn Van" mechanic, but is it trying to ape Apex Legends a little too much?

What Esports Can Learn From The Forsaken CS:GO Cheating Scandal

News of a CS:GO player cheating during premier events is troubling for many reasons, but if more players were to be caught esports could be headed down a long and tumultuous path. Pro wrestling may be the best example to help learn from history.

Could Nintendo Switch NES Classics Be Next For Twin Galaxies Record Chasers?

With Nintendo Switch Online introducing the NES Classics Library and new games added regularly, we look at the possibility of a new horizon for NES record chasers in their favorite games.

Is Competitive Blackout Coming Due To Success of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4?

Competitive Blackout has yet to be announced by the Call of Duty World League, but not including it in the 2019 CWL season would be leaving buckets of money on the table.

The Future Of Telltale Games Is Bleak, But Can It Be Salvaged?

The Telltale Games debacle has affected a lot of people and games like The Walking Dead, and we're far from the finish line. There are a few ways that this whole thing could play out.

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