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CS:GO Adds New Halo Sticker Set

With Halo: Reach coming to PC and Xbox, of course we are going to celebrate anything to do with Master Chief - including CS:GO hosting their own mini-celebration!

CS:GO Shattered Web Knife Skins Officially Revealed

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players now have a group of new knife skins to collect and show off.

ESL Reveals Self-Elimination Rule For Future IEM CSGO Events to Immediate Backlash

It's a new week, which means new rules, and the latest changes announced by the ESL has the community buzzing regarding future Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events.

Overwatch Contenders Get an Ear-full from Counter-Strike Fans at Australian Event

Playfully putting the 'Offensive' in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, fans attending IEM Sydney 2019 let Overwatch Contenders fans know what they think in thunderous crowd chant.

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