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Dauntless Reaches 12 Million Players Ahead of Fortune & Glory Update

Since offering crossplay, Dauntless has brought 12 million players to the hunt - just in time for a pirate-themed new season and the Fortune & Glory content update.

How to Interrupt Behemoths in Dauntless

Much like a stagger, an interrupt can be the difference between success or failure on a hunt. Here's how to interrupt Behemoths in Dauntless.

How to Stagger Behemoths in Dauntless

Once you reach Dauntless' endgame, damage mitigation is key to survival. What better way to mitigate damage against you than to ensure the enemy Behemoth can't hit you? Here's some info on how to stagger foes in Dauntless.

How to Farm Tailgems, Clawgems, and Skullgems in Dauntless

Outside of slaying Behemoths, crafting is the name of the game in Dauntless. It's how you get your most powerful items, after all. Here's how to get some of the most important reagents - Tailgem, Clawgem, and Skullgem.

How To Get Dauntless Exotic Weapon Blueprints

Exotics aren't just for looter-shooters anymore! Here's how to get Exotic Blueprints and craft Exotic weapons in Dauntless to slay those nasty Behemoths.

Dauntless Cell Farming - How to Get Cells Fast

In Dauntless, equipped Cells on your weapons and gear truly make your playstyle unique and can mean the different between victory and defeat. Here's how to farm cells efficiently.

Dauntless Elemental Weakness Guide

Veteran "big game hunters" will know how important countering elements is when trying to slay giant beasts. It's no different in Dauntless.

How to Get Transfusion Grenades in Dauntless

Transfusion grenades are among the most helpful items in Dauntless. Here's how to get them.

How to Get Orbs In Dauntless

Elemental Orbs in Dauntless are integral to upgrading your gear. Here's how to collect these precious resources and make yourself stronger!

Dauntless Best Weapon Tier List

What's Dauntless' best weapon? There are a number of factors, and we bring those factors together here to rank the weapon categories in the game as they are now.

Dauntless Daily Deathmarks - Where to Find Them & What They Do

The Daily Deathmarks in Dauntless are a gatherable item tied to an event in this season of the Hunt Pass. Here's what they do and how to go about locating them.

Dauntless Achieves +4 Million Players Following Console Launch

After its launch on console, Dauntless has more than four million players enjoying its free-to-play co-op monster hunting adventure.

Dauntless Maintenance Status Causes Servers to go Down

The status of the Dauntless servers is currently down due to maintenance that is currently being performed by the game's developers.

Dauntless is Launching on Xbox One, PS4, & The Epic Games Store

The co-op monster hunting experience that captured hearts on PC is now making its way to various other platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store.

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