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Video Game Champion David Race Claims First Perfect Pac-Man

On November 20, 2020 at around 10:47PM PST Mr. Race successfully laid claim to the title of first Perfect Pac-Man of the weekend leading up to the 40th anniversary of the game.

Pac-Man Achievement, Anniversary and Honors!

Greg Sakundiak achieves a Perfect Pac-Man, Pac-Man celebrates its 40th year, and World Champion David Race Honors his fellow competitors.

Historic Night Driver and River Raid Records Set

Two Twin Galaxies community members have proven their skills and accomplished some incredible gaming feats.

Michael Lombardi On His Recent Mat Mania Max-Out

Recently, Michael "LUMBO" Lombardi maxed out Taito's 1985 arcade Mat Mania. We spoke to him about this phenomenal run, how it came together, and what comes next.

Capcom Home Arcade Plug-And-Play Device Revealed

After a teaser trailer yesterday, Capcom revealed its latest retro gaming device - a plug-and-play "Home Arcade" containing 16 pre-loaded arcade classics.

Apple Announces 'Apple Arcade' Gaming Subscription Service

Coming in the Fall of 2019, Apple will be launching a premium gaming service across all of their devices that will allow gamers to access any and all paid games for a monthly fee.

Viscant Dishes on Marvel Vs. Capcom 2's Failed Esports Circuit

With Marvel vs. Capcom 2 being back in the FGC news stream, prominent fighting game guru Jay "Viscant" Snyder reveals the plan for a proposed esports circuit for the game, which came to an end due to one particular character.

Battle of the Strongest Ends 2018 with a Bang

Battle of the Strongest, a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 event, took place in someone's apartment. But just because it didn't take place in a fancy esports arena doesn't mean it wasn't one of the absolute best events of the year.

The Art Of The Arcade & The Values Of Video Game Preservation

Some effort has been spent on recognizing games as an art for preservation, but is it enough? We look at the efforts of MoMA and the Smithsonian and speak to arcade and classic gaming experts about their values in protecting history.

Halo: Fireteam Raven Arcade Game Revealed

A new way to experience the classic Halo story will be making its way to arcades very soon.

GTL: Gamers Revitalize the New Age of Arcades

Yesterday's gamers are today's arcade innovators, leading to an uprise in Gaming Cafes, Tabletop Bars, and Bar Arcades like Dave & Buster's and Game Haus Cafe. With technical advances and the promise of social sanctuary with like-minded people, modern arcades are much more than just cabinets.

Top 5 Avengers & Marvel Games From Before Fortnite's Infinity War

Marvel characters have been featured in video games since the days of the Commodore 64, and into 2018 with the announcement of the Marvel/Fortnite crossover. We list our 5 favorite games that feature some of Marvel's superheroes.

Exploring Arcade UFO - A Rare Gem Of Japanese Arcade Gaming In America

Arcade UFO in downtown Austin, Texas is a rare find in the United States - A traditional Japanese-style arcade. We spoke to the owners of this unique venue about how it came to be and what makes it continue to be worthwhile today.

How to Set Up Fightcade 2 | Play Street Fighter, JoJo's, and More

The long awaited Fightcade 2 beta is here! Fightcade 2 improves on the original by introducing a new, more user-friendly, streamlined approach to the original client. If you never partook in the original, now's a great time to test out the platform for yourself. Here's our tips on getting started with Fightcade 2.

Joust Champion Lonnie McDonald Talks Classic Games And Maxing Machines

Lonnie McDonald has been the Joust champion since the 1980s. But, in the modern age, he has become a mentor, pinball player, and touring showman, pushing over 180 Joust machines to the maximum score. He told us all about it.

The Amazing Arcade Community Of The Killer Queen League

Killer Queen is an arcade like few you'll find anywhere in the world, not to mention a social hive of competition and fun. We spoke in-depth with the KQ-ATX league built around the game in Austin, Texas.

Sanford Kelly Secures Win In Marvel Vs Capcom 2 "e;Battle Of The Gods"e;

One of the baddest men in fighting game history, Sanford Kelly, shows exactly why he's one of the kings of the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 realm with this incredible display of execution!

Building Arcade Nostalgia & Community Into Business At Pinballz

Twin Galaxies was built on arcades. We love to talk about Kong, Q*Bert, Galaga cocktail tables, and pinball machines. Maybe that's what brought us so enthusiastically to Pinballz in Austin, Texas.

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