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Insert Controller Here Creates Rage Quit Controller That Operates On Salt

The Insert Controller Here channel has our collective number. They made a controller that operates on salt and rage quits games.

ARK: Survival Evolved Modding Contest Features $35,000 Prize Pool

A brand new contest highlighting the modding community for ARK: Survival Evolved is kicking off, and Studio Wildcard isn't pulling any punches with the prizes.

Ten Top Super Smash Bros Stage Builder Stages (So Far)

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Builder mode has been out for about a week now, and the community has come up with some stellar stage ideas. Here are ten of our favorites so far

Arc System Works' Twitter Cosplay Guides Are Something More Devs Should Do

It's simple, fun references of the Blazblue characters, and we'd love to see more game developers lend that kind of service to the creative community.

Brett Weiss Talks SNES Omnibus, Writing About Retrogaming, And Nintendo's Golden Age

We talk about the latest effort to document video game history with the author of the SNES Omnibus. This book is jam packed with Super Nintendo nostalgia and is a collaborative effort from the gaming community.

Winners of the Fortnite Replay Royale Contest Announced

The final placements and winning entries for the Replay Royale contest have been revealed today.

Community Made WWE 2K18 Matches We Wish Were Real

Rumble Roses vs. Capcom? Mario vs. Luigi? Superman vs. Roman Reigns? You'll find all those and more inside these community-created WWE 2K18 match simulations.

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