Latest Tetris posts

In Honoring Jonas Neubauer, It's Game On

After the sudden passing of the Tetris great, Rampage world champion RedDawn looks to Neubauer's competitive legacy in offering bounties for new records

Joseph Saelee Becomes Back-To-Back Tetris World Champion

The Classic Tetris World Championship 2019 saw last year's new champ Joseph Saelee take it again in an incredible weekend of competition.

Tetris Royale Set to Bring Tetris 99 Gameplay to Mobile

Tetris Royale is a newly announced battle royale game that will bring the 1-vs-All nature of Tetris 99 to mobile devices later this year.

Tetris Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary With New Logo & Events

Tetris was released on this day in 1984. In celebration, the Tetris company is sharing all new logos, games, and new ways to play the classic game.

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