Esports Designers Create OpTic Gaming Inspired Fortnite Skins

Nicholas Barth,

April 9, 2018 1:36 PM

These character and weapon skins inspired by OpTic Gaming show off what potential esports team based skins could look like for Fortnite's competitive scene.

The success that H1Z1 and Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) have both seen has helped to cultivate competitive scenes for each of the battle royale titles. With the H1Z1 Pro League set to kick off on April 21st and PUBG having had multiple high profile international tournaments with large cash prizes, the development of the competitive scenes for both of these titles points to Fortnite Battle Royale soon developing its own, as it currently sits at the peak of its popularity with no signs of slowing down.

In preparation for the eventual implementation of an established competitive atmosphere for the popular battle royale title, multiple esports organizations have already signed teams to represent them in Fortnite, such as FaZe Clan, Team SoloMid and Red Reserve. Other members of the esports community have also begun to contribute ideas to what Fortnite's competitive scene should entail, such as designers who are creating skin concepts based on esports teams. This was the case for designers RRV_Design and Rise Toxin who both designed skins that any OpTic Gaming fan would love to show off. 

(Source: RRV_Design)
(Source: RRV_Design)

Utilzing the Raptor skin as the base for the concept, RRV_Design was able to give the popular skin the OpTic Gaming makeover and turn it into a cosmetic item that any member of OpTic's fanbase, the Green Wall, would love to add to their collection.  

(Source: Rise Toxin)
(Source: Rise Toxin)

Toxin, a designer for Rise Nation, decided to give the semi-auto sniper rifle, SK Magnum and the tactical shotgun the OpTic Gaming inspired look. Utilizing the green, black and white that represent OpTic, Toxin was able to create a set of weapon skins that fans of the popular organization would love to have in their arsenal. 

Esports team inspired skins would not only be a hit with fans of the teams, as they could also help in developing the overall competitive scene for Fortnite by acting as team uniforms for matches. This implementation of team based skins for competition has already been very successful in the Overwatch League by making the spectating experience much easier to follow and understand, while at the same time allowing fans to represent their favorite teams when they are playing their own matches. 

It remains to be seen if the community will ever see esports team based skins make their way into Fortnite. However, if the popularity of the competitive scene skyrockets in the same way that the game itself has over the past few months, it will be shocking to see Epic Games not try to capitalize on the success.


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