Fortnite Dance Floor Locations, Search Between Three Boats Challenge Guide

Ford James,

April 12, 2018 11:32 AM

Week eight of the Fortnite battle pass challenges is here, and we have an all inclusive cheat sheet to tick off each of the challenges, including the treasure location between three boats and dance floor locations.

Fortnite has had a rocky past 24 hours, with some severe server problems and downtime, but it appears to be back online for most people now, and we’ve managed to suss out the challenges this week, with help from a handy cheat sheet found on Reddit.

Week Eight cheat sheet thanks to /u/TheSquatingDog.

As you can see above, the treasure can be found in the centre of Loot Lake, at the end of the pier down by the cave. Not the hardest one to figure out as there are only three boats in the game, found in that lake, but no doubt the treasure will go back to being hard to find next week.

All chests at Snobby Shores thanks to /u/TheSquatingDog.

We reported on the three dance floor locations yesterday, and they’re included again on the map above. One can be found in an isolated building in Flush Factory, another is in the Haunted House west of Pleasant Park, and the third is in the red barn in the caravan park to the east of Retail Row. Simply head to all of them and bust some moves to complete the challenge.

For the Snobby Shores chests, check out the other cheat sheet above. All the chest locations are marked with yellow dots, and there’s a vending machine outside the far house, so provided it’s definitely spawned, you can easily smash out two challenges in one go here.

Explosive weapons includes grenades which are very common, so get your stack to 10 grenades and fling them as soon as you get into a fight. Or grab an RPG and use it as a shotgun, blasting anyone at close range into smithereens.

Eliminating opponents in Dusty Depot is simple; fly in as quickly as you can, look for a weapon on the roof of one of the hangars, grab it and drop down to kill everyone else. Ideally an assault rifle; that way you’ll swiftly have the final challenge done too.

Yesterday saw the launch of the replay system, and we’ve accumulated a list of our favorite creations so far. Or if you’re still struggling with last week’s challenges, check out our guide here.

(Header image thanks to Dexerto.)


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