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Billy Mitchell to Reportedly Issue Statement on Twin Galaxies Decision

Billy Mitchell will reportedly make his first public statement regarding the removal of his scores from the Twin Galaxies leaderboards this weekend.

Update (4/14/2018 - 6:59AM) A previous version of this article contained an embedded version of Richie Knucklez's announcemnt video regarding Billy Mitchell's statement. The video has since been removed from Knucklez's YouTube channel. We have taken down the embedded video to reflect this change.

Yesterday, the Twin Galaxies dispute against Billy Mitchell's King of Kong Donkey Kong score came to a conclusion, resulting in the removal of all of Mitchell's records and banning from future entry in the Twin Galaxies archives. The decision was made after months of investigation into Mitchell's longstanding Donkey Kong score of 1,062,800, which was initiated by Jeremy Young. At the time of this writing, Mitchell has not publicly commented on the decision. However, it has been reported that the former King of Kong will be making his first official statement on the matter this coming weekend. 

Richie Knucklez, former part-owner of Twin Galaxies and friend of Billy Mitchell, posted on his Twitter account that "Billy Mitchell will be issuing his formal statement this weekend live from The Midwest Gaming Classic." Knucklez also stated that he will be conducting the interview and will be posting it on his YouTube channel for the public to view. No specific details regarding the exact date and time of the interview were provided.

The news of the decision regarding Billy Mitchell's score spread throughout the video game community with many members giving their own thoughts and reactions on the matter. Now the community will hear from Mitchell himself regarding the dispute that led to the removal of one of the highest-profile and hotly debated records the video gaming world has ever seen. 

(cover photo courtesy of Barry Brechelsen/Invision/AP)

Rocks -
" Jace Hall's database "? Interesting way to refer to Twin Galaxies. Is he going to suggest the database, and evidence that came with it, have been tampered with since Jace Hall took over? That seems like a very dumb, and desperate, move on his part in my opinion.
This is going to be an orchestrated interview. Billy used MAME...that is the nature of the dispute. But what was not included in the TG official statement about "The Decision" was whether Bill's performances were crafted via use of the MAME "save state" feature. Empirical evidence showing the percentage of blue object points from Bill's performances far exceeded proportionately what top players were achieving. Additionally, since Bill used MAME, was he piping in a pre-recorded performance and moving his hands/wrists to mimic what was going on in the performance...kind of like the video game equivalent of "lip synching" ? I seriously doubt that tough points like these will be asked of Billy. Here's what I envision happening... OPENING SOLILOQY - Bill might start by talking about his beginnings in the hobby, what made it great for him, how he got started on the path to gaming, etc. "TOUGH" (?) QUESTIONS - No doubt one or two "tough" questions will be asked, but these will be ones that Bill will already have a pre-determined answer for. Expect to see some finger-pointing here...anyone and everyone will be open for his blame game. And the toughest questions of all will not be asked. APOLOGIES (?) - you can almost hear this one now..."While in my heart my actions were in the truest sense in line with the finest traditions in our hobby, I am sorry if some of my actions have caused people to lose faith in me both as a person and as a gamer, and I will strive to prove myself in the coming weeks and months ahead and to restore some of the confidence in me that might have been lost." Do NOT expect Bill to admit to "KNOWINGLY" using MAME or anything of that nature. He is going to pull the blame game here. So much for his being "The Enforcer" as he claimed to be as recounted by Walter Day in the 1st TG Book of Records.
gavv -
Guinness has now officially removed BM as well. http://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/billy-mitchell-world-record-1202752594/
GibGirl -
I'm curious to see what tactics he uses. We do live in an era of "fake news" and outright trying to deny obvious facts as untrue. So it seems completely plausible that he'll continue to insist that all his scores were legitimate.
Hotrod6045 -
And Steve speaks as well: http://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/steve-wiebe-interview-1202752495/
KidsHeartJP -
And he took down the video. I wonder why.. Not sarcasam, I really do wonder. Maybe plans changed.
Wiserommer -
I have a sneaky suspicion they will not stream it live after all.
KidsHeartJP -
I can see that actually. Wonder if they still have a deal with that magazine, or maybe they ended up not being able to make it to the event. I guess we find out at some point today.
Snowflake -
guys we've seen billy interviews before, w know where this is headed. he is not very smart when it comes to damage control. I suspect he'll be incriminating himself even further like he's done on all his interviews
FosterVS -
Oh please please PLEASE drag out the "Dwayne did it" story, Billy.
NEO Un -
Well. Interesting and good 'analysis' by Mruczek. In fact, even we all know the best move for now would be he accepting the mistake and say something like "I will get my credibility back", I don't believe he actually will do that. As he always did, I expect he'll surround himself with supporters, fans, unconditional 'friends' (like Ritchie, Walter and many others, that we know exist some) and, in someway, push the idea of conspiracy against him.. trying to separate "real TG" (in his oppinion) from "Jace's TG". And if it happen this way.. well.. it'll be sad. As many others, I guess, I dont feel happy about what's happening to him.. (and to Walter, by connection).. just feel glad by the justice made. And if they continue pushing to the 'wrong direction', I suspect they eventually will 'destroy' all the good sides and reputation, they also did and brought, in some point. So it'll be definitely sad. Let's wait and see, then.
Thunderbunny -
Could somebody tell me why someone was digging into a 13 year old score, that is currently not even in the top 20 scores? Not sure what the dude was shooting for.
If as "NEO Un" suggests, that Team Billy will suggests a conspiracy committed by "Jace's TG (as opposed to "old TG" which was run by Walter), you can hear it now... "When Walter was running TG, my reputation was impeccable, and no one ever questioned the integrity of my performances". Well, I was part of the "old TG", and I can affirm that comment...Bill's performances were given the carte blanche treatment for the most part. Walter himself validated Bill's oldest scores and entered them into the TG database. It was only until 2005 that one of his performances was momentarily contested, but that was not before Walter entered that very score into the database, jumping the gun on the validation process as captured within KoK. And after that, the dispute thread chronicled how Bill's 1.050M and 1.060M were "validated" (note the quotemarks of disdain). Maybe after decades of getting the red carpet treatment he developed a "teflon attitude" and just assumed that things would remain status quo thereafter ? Well, as the expression goes, there's a new sheriff in town and an electronic version of "Dodge City" is being cleaned up...one score at a time.
KidsHeartJP -
Well he made it out to the event. Charging 40$ to have your picture taken with him. Yikes.
Rev John -
https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/ doesn't list Billy, or Walter, or Richie as special guests.
My brother's prediction: Billy and his sycophants (like Richie) will start a new score database to counter the new ownership of TG, claim that Jace is corrupt and biased, and re-enter all of Billy's records (bogus and otherwise) into their own web site, then cheer themselves on.
Seriously...$40 to have a picture taken with Billy ? I don't know what's worse...his massive ego, or the morons who actually DO pay the $40 for the pic.
NEO Un -
I heard it, and did exactly the same question. In fact, I remember I read (some time ago) he usually asked $50. For free, already would be.. 'strange'. (Although, I'd pay a $500 ticket (from Brazil to USA) just to go a some event with him.. to ask face-to-face 'Why and what was the point to lie, for such long time, to the community he was part, since the beginning?'. Maybe I do that soon.. let's see. A personal wish.)
Brian_H -
So did he speak or not? Any link to a video of him speaking?
NEO Un -
He didn't speak, Brian_H. Richie Knucklez said he'd interview Billy there.. but didn't happen. Decided to call it off, I presume. However, Billy posted on Twitter he was there, commenting this, for example: "Best part about classic games and the places I get invited to is meeting great people. #MidwestGamingClassic"
NEO Un -
So.. finally. Here is the Billy Mitchell's official statement (made to Old School Gamer Magazine): LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjtn3EEG65Q In resume... he will (still) try to prove the opposite.. finishing: "... it's not gonna stop now". Well, no surprises. As we knew, it's just getting started...
Brian_H -
Thanks NEO Un....appreciate the link. It seams like his new tactic might be to try to discredit the 2014 forward Twin Galaxies. Statements like this: “In a professional manor, not in a shock jock mentality designed to create hits.” and “current regime who wants to reach back 35 years.” Just the thought I had when watching. I'm interested to read what everyone else thinks. I think this is a new low, even for Billy...and that's pretty low.
Brian_H -
Ha...I just read from the top and NEO Un and RTM actually predicted this exactly. Good job guys.
Not to anyone's surprise, yet another "Team Billy" supporter spouts off to the media defending Billy to the bitter end, and refusing to so much as give an ounce of credibility to the hundreds of pieces of technical evidence in the score dispute thread. Ben Gold, notable gamer from the 1980's, gave an interview to the Dallas News paper in late April. Among Ben's pontifications... "...And I feel like Billy has been villainized. I want people to know he's a very nice guy and a family person, fiercely loyal. That's more important to me than video games." "I don't understand logically why he would do this...it makes no sense to me. I wasn't there. I can't say I saw Billy do this. I can just tell you it's extremely unlikely he would do this when he has the capability of getting those scores." And finally... "The funny thing is, the more they try to erase him, the more prominent he becomes...that is the irony of erasing history." SO, what we have here is another supporter blindly following Billy no matter what common sense proof is in front of their face that Billy cheated. Another tool !!
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