RESULTS: Houston Outlaws Wrangle a Win Out Of Their Home State Counterparts Dallas Fuel

Zac Cameron,

April 21, 2018 9:30 PM

A match that started very close finally ended up with the Houston Outlaws taking down the Dallas Fuel 3-0 in a Texas Team Showdown.

With both teams representing the great state of Texas doing battle, only one would be able to keep their head held high, while the other would be forced to watch from the sidelines. Here’s a brief breakdown of the match.

The first map, Volskaya Industries, saw Houston making their attack first. After overcoming the formidable defence from the Dallas Fuel, Houston secured the first objective and began their assault on the second. Despite throwing everything at them, Dallas could not stop Houston from claiming the second point, with time left in the bank for a second attack if needed. The Dallas Fuel attack was very similar in its success, just on a much faster scale as they swept over Houston to rapidly secure both objectives with almost a full rounds worth of time in the bank. Dallas would use this extra time in their second attack, diving deep to try and recreate their earlier success. Houston seemed to learn from their earlier mistakes however, stopping Dallas in their tracks and setting themselves up for an easy overtime battle. The second attack from Houston was similarly unsuccessful in the end however, as Dallas proved too difficult to remove from the point, causing this first map to end in a rare draw.

The second map, Blizzard World, saw Houston again take an early lead as they quickly secured the first checkpoint. With the payload now moving, Houston managed to push Dallas back time after time as they advanced the payload across the map to find the final checkpoint with time to spare. The attack from Dallas was similarly successful as they also secured the first checkpoint and began to advance the payload. Houston could do little to slow Dallas down, forced to the side as they took the payload through the course and reached the final checkpoint with more than enough time to spare. The second assault from Houston was not as successful, as Dallas managed to keep the attack from taking over. Being held up at just 45.9%, Houston would need a stellar defence to prevail here. When it came time for Dallas to attack, they seemed to lose that spark that allowed them to succeed earlier in the match, falling time and again to the Houston defence as the clock slowly ticked down. In the end, Houston were able to prevent Dallas from securing the zone, handing them the win.

The third map, Ilios, was another close contest between these two teams. Both teams spent a large amount of time in control of the first zone, with Dallas ultimately prevailing with 100% to Houston’s 97%. The second round was nowhere near as close however, as Houston quickly secured the point and held it for the duration. The third round similarly went the way of Houston, as Dallas could not get any time alone on the map, costing them the match and the overall series.

The fourth map, Route 66, was another blowout for the Houston Outlaws, as they launched a very successful first attack. Pushing the payload through the first two objectives, Houston only faced major resistance halfway to the third as Dallas finally planted themselves and stopped the attack. The attack from Dallas Fuel was not as successful in the end, as the defence from Houston proved far too strong to overcome. Not even able to reach the first checkpoint, Dallas had to admit defeat with Houston claiming the series and the Texas bragging rights in the end.

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