Who Won Ninja Vegas '18? Full Roundup Including Highlights and Results

Ford James,

April 22, 2018 11:17 AM

The first ever event created by Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins took place last night, with a lot of money on the line for whoever managed to kill Ninja in each game of Fortnite. But who did claim those bounties, and who won the most money? We've got all the results, including stream highlights right here.

Fortnite is undoubtedly the biggest video game on the planet right now, but we’re still waiting for Epic to reveal the details on the much anticipated competitive season. In the meantime, Twitch’s most popular streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, created a Fortnite event featuring many of the world’s best players. Nearly $50,000 was up for grabs across three heats, each consisting of three games, and it all went down last night at the Esports Arena, Las Vegas.

It worked like this: for every game Ninja won, he would donate $2,500 to the Alzheimer’s Association. For every game another player won, they would earn that $2,500. But for somebody else to win would mean that Ninja would’ve been killed, right? So for the player who managed to kill Ninja in each game, that kill would earn them another $2,500. If Ninja didn’t get killed, that bounty would roll over to the next game, and so on. You can check out the full stream for the entire event at the bottom of this article in two separate videos, but if you don’t want to watch it all, read on for some of the key moments and highlights.

Heat one saw Ninja get a healthy 11th place finish, dying to the hands of Blind, who also went on to win the game. Blind then went on to win the second game of the first heat too, while Ninja was eliminated by Nibs and coming 24th. Ninja performed much better for the third game though, as he made it all the way to the final two, but was obliterated by a close range RPG from Saint, who took home all $5,000. You can read our more in-depth piece on Blind’s early victories here, including clips of him winning a game and killing Ninja.

Heat two saw Ninja carry the momentum from the last game forward, securing a solid five kills and winning the first match of the heat. This meant that the bounty atop his head carried through to the next game, where he made it to the top five, but was eliminated by Punisher who also went on to win the game, securing himself $7,500 for a single game of Fortnite. All in a day’s work, right? Unfortunately, the final game of heat two didn’t go in his favour as Ninja was eliminated by Hell and only managed to come 35th, and Payne, player for Tempo Storm, went on to win the game. You can check out the moment Ninja won his first game below.

Heat three was the hotly anticipated matchup, as fellow pro player and popular streamer Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani entered the fray. Ninja and Myth have a friendly rivalry, often poking fun at each other on their streams, but the first match of the heat went to Sneak E Beaver, who also managed to kill Ninja, raking in the $5,000. Beaver killed Ninja in the next game too, granting him another $2,500, matching both Blind and Punisher’s totals. The winner for game two however, was no other than 4DRStormYT, a 14-year-old who you can read more about here. Ninja’s final game of the night was unimpressive too, as he went out in 31st to Xarc, with the eventual winner being XoticChaotic. Check out the full placements and winnings below.

Heat One – Game One

  • Winner: Blind
  • Ninja Bounty: Blind ($2,500)
  • Ninja Placement: 11th

Heat One – Game Two

  • Winner: Blind
  • Ninja Bounty: Nibs ($2,500)
  • Ninja Placement: 24th

Heat One – Game Three

  • Winner: Saint
  • Ninja Bounty: Saint ($2,500)
  • Ninja Placement: 2nd

Heat Two – Game One

  • Winner: Ninja

Heat Two – Game Two

  • Winner: Punisher
  • Ninja Bounty: Punisher ($5,000)
  • Ninja Placement: 5th

Heat Two – Game Three

  • Winner: Tempo Payne
  • Ninja Bounty: Hell
  • Ninja Placement: 35th

Heat Three – Game One

  • Winner: Sneak E Beaver
  • Ninja Bounty: Sneak E Beaver ($2,500)
  • Ninja Placement: Second

Heat Three – Game Two

  • Winner: 4DR Storm
  • Ninja Bounty: Sneak E Beaver ($2,500)
  • Ninja Placement: 29th

Heat Three – Game Three

  • Winner: XoticChaotic
  • Ninja Bounty: Xarc ($2,500)
  • Ninja Placement: 31th

The event peaked at 660,000 viewers at one time, averaging around half a million. Despite a few technical issues at the event, it was undoubtedly a success, and a mention needs to go to both Courage and DrLupo, the casters for the event who maintained enthusiasm and entertainment throughout. Hopefully this sets the bar for future offline Fortnite events, and we’ll get to see more in the future. Check out the full event below.

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