Eight Ivy League Esports Clubs Band Together To Form the Ivy Esports Conference

Zac Cameron,

April 23, 2018 4:10 PM

Esports clubs from all of the Ivy League schools have teamed up to form the Ivy Esports Conference.

A new organization has been formed to better organize and represent the Esports scene in Ivy League schools. The Ivy Esports Conference (IEC) is comprised of the clubs from Brown University, Colombia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University, and aims to “create a competitive, digital community and contribute our passion for gaming to the rise of Esports.”

While not officially endorsed by any of the represented schools, the Ivy Esports Conference aims to change the views of Esports and possibly gain recognition as traditional athletics. Hoping to bring the history and rivalries of the traditional Ivy League athletics, the Ivy Esports Conference hopes to “Shape the future of Esports by banding together, just as we institutionalized traditional sporting leagues nearly a century ago.”

The Ivy Esports Conference aims to bring together the various Esports clubs from the nations top schools (ivyesports.com)

The IEC will hold its first tournament in October, and aims to continue to hold regular tournaments each semester for titles such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. “Collegiate Esports needs to change,” explains Willy Lee, Student Commissioner of the Ivy Esports Conference, “Unlike the origins of traditional sports, which found itself forced into close collaborative communities through local conferences, Esports finds itself content with loose non-committal relationships on a global scale. This approach, while not necessarily wrong, is an inefficient use of clubs’ resources and ineffective at building meaningful communities. The Ivy Esports Conference is an attempt for us to refocus our clubs by taking cues from our traditional sports’ origins.”

“We are so excited to bring structure to competitive Esports at some of the nation’s top schools,” explains William Collis, Co-Commissioner of the IEC and himself a Harvard Business School alumni (’11, Baker Scholar). “We believe that in a decade’s time, Esports will be seen as just as indispensable as a Football or Baseball to the athletics landscape at all colleges and universities worldwide. Our intent with the IEC is to do our part to give students at some of the world’s best schools the chance to shape and guide the evolution of Esports at their institutions.”

For more on the recent growth of Esports, and the issues that come along with that, check out today’s Game Talk Live episode, here.


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