April 28th Fortnite Cosmetic Items Include Steelsight Skin, Squat Kick Emote

Nicholas Barth,

April 28, 2018 8:54 AM

Today's cosmetic items for Fortnite Battle Royale include the recently added Squat Kick emote and the Steelsight skin.

One of the major factors in the massive rise in success and popularity that Fortnite Battle Royale has seen in recent months is the consistent flow of new and unique cosmetic items that Epic Games adds to the battle royale title on a weekly basis. From an astronaut body with a fish bowl as a head to a giant Dragon glider, there is always an interesting cosmetic item that Fortnite players can acquire and use to customize their playing experience with. Today's in-game item shop features a few new items that players have no doubt spent some V-Bucks on already. 

(Source: Fortnite Intel)
(Source: Fortnite Intel)

The major players of the cosmetic shop for April 28th consist of the previously leaked Steelsight skin, the Rusty Rider Glider and the highly anticipated Squat Kick emote. The Squat Kick is the unsung hero of the group as it gives the players the ability to perform a dance that is completely suited for celebrating a hard earned victory royale. 

The Steelsight skin will run you 1,500 V-Bucks, while the Rusty Glider will pull 1,200 from your account. Everone's new favorite emote, the Squat Kick, will cost you 800 V-Bucks to add to your collection.

With the Steelsight skin making its way into Fortnite, players should expect to see the male Brite Gunner skin and the highly sought after Brite Bomber Bag back bling also make their way into the in-game store sometime soon, as they were also included in the leak that revealed the Steelsight skin to the community.

If you are looking to add the Fortnite Squat Kick emote to your celebratory dance wheel for future matches, make sure to head to the store sometime today and purchase the unique dance, as there is no telling when Epic Games will have it available again once it has been removed from the store today.

(cover photo courtesy of Fortnite Intel)


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