Fortnite Season 4: How to Unlock Omega Skin, Orange Justice Dance

Ford James,

May 1, 2018 9:22 AM

Omega is the ultimate skin to unlock this season, and it looks badass. But just how do you unlock it? And what is the Orange Justice dance?

We saw the Mako glider in season one, Black Knight in season two, and we’ve just bid farewell to Reaper, colloquially known as John Wick. For season four, Omega is the ultimate skin to unlock, but just how do you get it, and what’s the quickest way to unlock it?

This skin is seriously badass.

Simply put, it’s not easy. Omega is the reward at the end of the battle pass, meaning you have to complete 100 tiers before you reach it. Thankfully, you have 69 days until July 9th when the season ends, meaning it should be more than manageable. The battle pass consists of 100 tiers, each of which requires 10 battle stars to unlock. You earn battle stars by just playing the game and leveling up your season level, but you can gain stars quicker by completing your daily and weekly challenges. Every time your season level increases you’ll gain two battle stars, while hitting a multiple of five gives you five stars, and hitting a multiple of 10 gives you 10 stars.

You’ll receive one new challenge each day which ranges from objectives like placing top six in squads once, to placing top 50 in solo five times, or earning two pistol kills. You can re-roll one quest per day if you’re not fond of the one you were given, and as long as you complete each of your quests and do all the weekly ones, you’ll eventually reach tier 100 in no time. As you progress through the battle pass though, there’s plenty more unlockables before you reach tier 100.

Go crazy with the Orange Justice emote at tier 26.

One of the major unlockables that players are especially fond of is the Orange Justice dance, found at tier 26. It may seem like an odd name for such a wacky emote, but there’s a story behind it. Orange Shirt Kid is a young boy who entered the #BoogieDown contest held by Epic Games during season three. Fans loved his dance, but as he wasn’t 18, he wasn’t eligible to win the contest. Players petitioned for his dance to still make it into the game and Epic listened, naming the hilarious move Orange Justice, as it’s justice for the Orange Shirt Kid. It’s also part of the free pass so you don’t need to own the battle pass to unlock it, but you’ll reach it much quicker if you do.

Some of the other cool unlocks include the Valor skin, modeled after Wonder Woman, the Groove Jam emote which is based on the dance scene in Napoleon Dynamite, and a skydiving trail called Shooting Star which gives you an effect like a meteor plummeting through the atmosphere. All of these are unlockable through the battle pass and leveling up, or you can pay 150 vbucks per tier to race to whichever one you want. If you want to buy your way straight to Omega, you’ll need to buy 99 tiers, which is well over $100.

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