Overwatch League Grand Finals Moving to Barclays Center, New York

Ford James,

May 9, 2018 6:20 AM

New York Excelsior have won two stage titles so far, and if they were to reach the grand finals, they'd be visiting their franchise home town in July.

Rather than having two events in the same place, Blizzard are moving from the six-team playoff tournament at the Blizzard Arena, Los Angeles, to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York for the inaugural season’s grand finals event. The regular season concludes on June 17, before post-season matches commence on July 11.

The league takes place here at the Blizzard Arena, but will be departing for the inaugural season finals. Image courtesy of Forbes.

To take home the majority of the $1.4 million prize pool, the two top Overwatch teams must win two out of three best of five match-ups, and it all begins on July 27 at 7pm ET, followed by the second and third series taking place on July 28 at 4pm ET.

Speaking to Dot Esports, Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer said “We want this to be a really special moment. "There's only going to be one inaugural season finals ever. We thought New York made a ton of sense—it's really just a global city." He went on to say that in general it’s going to be a “really cool party” for fans.

Keith Sheldon, Brooklyn Spores and Entertainment executive vice president of programming said to Dot Esports that "We're going to activate every single square foot of the building in ways that are going to identify with fans and keep people coming back. "We love Overwatch so much because it's global," Sheldon added. "It's about introducing a global community to the Barclays Center. We're celebrating this global community of gamers, the best gamers in the world."

Nanzer went on to say that more details will be released as the event approaches, and if you’re looking to attend, two-day tickets will go on sale on May 18 at 10am ET, and will be sold through both Ticketmaster and the Barclays Center website. One-day tickets will be available at a later date and subject to availability, say Blizzard.

In other Overwatch news, they’ve teamed up with Breast Cancer Foundation to create a new skin for Mercy, and there’s been some shuffling amongst coaches on some of the top league teams.


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